Mengistu Lemma Yegitim Gubae Uploaded by Kaleb Berhanu. የግጥም ጉባኤ Dertogada. የሳይንስና ቴክኖሎጂ. A selection of poems from Ethiopia’s best-loved poets of the 20th century, including work by Kebede Mikael, Mengistu Lemma, Gebre Kristos Desta, Tsegaye. 26 Sep Mengistu Lemma () If you ask Amharic speakers about their literary Mengistu’s poems often talk about racism with wit and sarcasm.

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Join 9, other followers. Mengistu Lemma If you ask Amharic speakers about their literary preferences, the response is almost always unanimous.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In meetings he was always kind and gentle and I liked him very much. Sarah Maguire is a British poet and translator. His work mengisu imbued by a strong sense of pride for Ethiopian history, whose value —and at times superiority— he never put in doubt. Where could I begin? Or is not born at all. He did not live to see the fulfilment of either dream. In the six years he spent megistu London, he was able to meet and then establish friendship with the famous British playwright George Bernard Shaw.

But after coming back home, he is found unfaithful to his promise and leads a luxurious life. Mengistu was fluent in English, and spoke French and Italian. It was here he polished up his first play, which he had started before he left, intending it as a wedding present for a friend.


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Mengistu Lemma – Wikipedia

Dear Readers, Over the last few months, opems magazine has ceased core publishing operations while we reevaluate our direction and vision. I think everyone had huge respect for him as a playwright.

And he was in a good position to achieve this goal: Retrieved from ” https: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

But Bahiru, who was from the higher class of the society and at the same time who was educated, broke this tradition by marrying Belete, who was only a servant in his house. Ironic, Mengistu remarks, considering that the UK built its wealth on the blackness of coal…. The train whistled like a washint flute; haystacks dotted poejs distant fields, just like the straw roofs of houses lwmma a village at home.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are the milk that quenches the thirsty multitudes.

Spotlight on…Mengistu Lemma

How could I answer such a stupid question? You are the elegant pilgrim of my mercy.

He would spend 7 years in London, from to Notify me of new comments via email. This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat He wrote over the theory mengisgu literature too, proposing in a first comprehensive categorization of Amharic metrical forms, and writing books about technical aspects of Amharic drama.

After undertaking traditional religious studies at the Tiqo Mekane Selassie church where his father was Aleqa a title given to church leadershe mwngistu to the capital Addis Ababa due to the transfer of his father to the Qatchane Medhane’alem Church. Generous colleague I first met Mengistu in when I arrived in Ethiopia to teach in the Theatre Arts Department and he was also teaching there.


He was a true intellectual. Priestley ‘s An Inspector Calls as Tayaqi. Mengistu made a remarkable impact on the development of Ethiopian literature with his pre-revolutionary works, which were primarily comedies.

Remembering Mengistu Lemma, Ethiopian Playwright and Social Reformer

O Nile, you are the majestic blood line of my African glory that showers my blessings upon the starved of the world, you are the eloquence that rings the Ethiopian bell across the deaf world!

Mengistu Lemma was an Ethiopian playwright and poet. Inhe received an Honorary Doctorate from Addis Ababa University for his unparalleled excellence in literature, and for inspiring generations of Ethiopian authors mengstu writers.

And tongues of flame will lick again words like wet-land weeds will loems for the sun the young women will smile for no reason at all and silently ask, how did this all begin? The most famous was The Marriage of Unequals in You are the appeaser of the lustful greeds. In his plays, he is always talking about the difficulty of maintaining personal integrity and keeping a balance between good and bad forces from Ethiopian tradition and from the Lsmma.