Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis: Vol 1 (Latin Edition) [Labraria Editoria Vaticana] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis The Lexicon recentis latinitatis is a New Latin dictionary published by the Vatican-based Latinitas Foundation. The book is an. 20 Dec One of the functions of the Latinitas Foundation is to publish the Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis, a Latin dictionary for 15, modern words.

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I still prefer breviloquensso I guess we’ll have to disagree on that matter.

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Want to add to the discussion? The word ‘tweet’ was chosen as the particular term for a transmission via Twitter, and is a part of their marketing. Because of the proprietary nature of “tweeting,” though, I did not think that there would be a suitable match.

Don’t try to make sense of genders. Incidentally I think ‘meme’ recenits supposed to be mimema, -atis n. There is reecntis excerpt of words from this dictionary, but it is in Italian.

For those who don’t know, the Vatican has the Lexicon Recentis Latinitatiswhere they enter new words into the dictionary to keep Latin up to date with the times. If you’d like your ability or achievement in Latin to be confirmed by a flair, please message the mods with what you’d like it to say it’ll be different to the normal flairs that anyone can edit, as it will be imperial purple.


One of the functions of the Latinitas Foundation is to publish the Lexicon Recentis Latinitatisa Latin dictionary for 15, modern words. Breviloquens is attested in Cicero as a “very brief expression of thought”. The notion of lwxicon subreddit seems arguably nondescript along gendered lines, hence a neuter a “thing” is what I’m thinking Don’t even bother turning to Google Translate before asking us for help with a translation.


And, at the least, if we’re going to go the route of neologisms, subreddit should be latinitatsi 3rd declension neuter analogous to caputcapitis latintiatis subredditsubredditis. Giving some thought to the avian metaphor, though, “Auceps” might be good for Twitter users, and “avicula,” or somesuch for a tweet. English from Google Translate. Are there any second declension neuters with different terminations as in OP’s suggestion?

I’m a bit wary of “subreddit” as a form. Or with a normal nominative ending subredditum. Can someone suggest a fake etymology connecting reddit the website to “reddit” meaning “he restores, gives back, renders.

Submit a new link.

Pipiatum is attested everywhere as “having chirped”. Catholic thinkers in science Sign your letters like the Pope Summa Theologica: View my recentls profile.

One good way to accomplish this and keep it updateable and easily referenced would be to translate the English or any other languages’ Reddit wikipedia page into Latinreferencing the various neologisms as needed. There’s a linguistic history present that – regardless of era – needs to be taken into consideration. If so, let me make a few entries: So my question is: Join the official Latin discord server here: It’s not like tweet had that particular meaning in English before it was used for Twitter, either.

Sunday, December 20, “Computer”, “Cowboy”, and other modern words translated into Latin. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Google Translate is always wrong, always. Recent Flickr photos tagged with catholic: Submit a recengis request Translation request information: That’s beside the point. It’s because the site was conceived as a central repository of the content of the internet, whence posters would go in search of new content, which they would in turn bring back.


Log in or sign up in seconds. It’s not besides the point if the goal is to arrive at rcentis actual Latinate word to express the idea. One is significantly closer to the idea at hand a brief message than the other.

All foreign and loan words take third for this reason.

Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis | Revolvy

Attestation is not relevant because Twitter did not exist in the classical period and ‘tweet’ in English did not have that meaning prior to Twitter, either. If we were talking about some general term, like text message, with a similar character limit, then I feel that ‘breviloquens’ is great.

Developing new words in a language is rarely strictly about translation, especially in Latin. I think, however, that my request that we attempt to consider extant Latin vocabulary and usage before we go about crafting new terms is a valid one. If you aren’t reputable on the subreddit already, you will either have to wait to attain repute, or send some proof of your ability to the mods.

I wonder how they do it.

Lexicon Recentis Latinitatis – Wikipedia

Please provide context for whatever you are asking to translateas a single phrase may have many different translations depending on its context. As for the words, in our recent exchange I used subredditum, -i n. About This Blog Catholicism is an ancient tradition, with a rich heritage spanning millenia. I’m perfectly aware of what they do. For example, they call a “casino” an “aleatorium. Catholicism is an ancient tradition, with a rich heritage spanning millenia.