Author of a comprehensive philosophical polemic against *Christianity, The True Doctrine, written probably between and (Origen, C. Cels. 8. 69, 71). On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the .

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The Jews were fugitives from Egypt, who, though beloved by God, celsue performed anything worthy of note, and never were held in any reputation or account!

But God does not partake even of substance! Their teacher acts like a drunken man, who, entering a company of drunkards, should accuse those who are sober of being drunk.

He really hates that Christians are exclusive in there beliefs, he feels that all people have worshiped the same supreme god, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, although they call him by different names, where as Christians think they exclusively know him and he can’t believe that Christians also raise a man Jesus to being equal to the supreme god showing that back in AD Christians were already worshiping Jesus as god.

Circumcision as practiced by the Jews was derived from the Egyptians.

There’s a problem loading this menu right now. From such signs and misinterpretations, and from proofs so mean, no one could prove him to be God, and the son of God. When ants die, the survivors set apart a special place for their interment, in their ancestral sepulchres. English Choose a language for shopping.

They say that it was to sinners that God has been sent. If they would answer me, not as if I were asking for information, for I am acquainted with all their opinions, but because I take an equal interest in them all, it would be well. Added to PP index Total downloads 38of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 9 48, of 2, How can I increase my downloads? East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Overall this was a pretty interesting to get into the mind of a Roman pagan and see his thoughts on the early Christians, this book is also important because it caused some of the earliest apologetics to combat the claims made in this book now I need to get Origen’s refutations.


It is the nature of a mortal, indeed, to undergo change and remolding, but of an immortal to remain the same and unaltered. Celsus’s own beliefs, the “true doctrine” referenced in his title, is that of Platonism which from a modern materialist perspective has its own issues of supernatural and thus unproved claims and assumptions.

God does not need to amend his work afresh; although a thing may seem to you to be evil, it is by no means certain that it is so; for you do not know what is of advantage to yourself, or to another, or to the whole world. Let the second party come forward; and I shall ask them whence they come, and whom they regard as the originator of their ancestral customs. That while alive he was of no assistance to himself, but that when dead he rose again, and exhibited the marks of his punishment, and showed how his hands were pierced with nails [John These events he predicted as being a god, and the prediction must by all means come to pass.

Write a customer review. Rather, he tells us where his doctrines come from; there is, in short, a history to what he says, and he is happy to point to the sources of his knowledge, instead of asking us to believe that he speaks on his own authority What is the meaning of such a descent upon the part of God?

For God does not rule the world in order to satisfy inordinate desires, or to allow error and disorder and confusion, but to govern a nature that is upright and just. This book is a first priority for theological libraries and for all working in this area of patristic studies.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is not hard to understand given the world in which Celsus lived, in which the education on which higher culture depends was available only to a tiny minority; in which conquest, enslavement and indifference to suffering largely unadorned trur mitigating ideologies was how the world operated daily; and in which Stoicism — an emotional detachment from the results on one’s own and others’ actions in the world born of a sense of powerlessness — was becoming the ethic of even ce,sus powerful and influential.

For it is the mark of a needy person to demand back what he has given, whereas God doctrinw in need of nothing. Yet although Plato predicted these things, he nevertheless does not talk marvels, nor shut the mouth of those who wish to ask him for information on the subject of his promises; nor does he command them to come at once and believe that a god of a particular kind exists, and that he has a son of a particular nature, who descended to earth and conversed with himself personally.


We must observe the laws because it is a duty to protect what has been enacted; because of the superintendents distributed among the different parts of the earth, what is done among each nation is rightly done. This is sufficient to say to the multitude regarding the origin of evils. These tenets of his were those of a wicked and God-hated sorcerer.

The True Word – Wikipedia

If he had wished, by the punishments which he underwent, to teach us also to despise death, then after his resurrection he should have doctrin summoned all men to the light, and instructed them in coctrine object of his coming. It’s been lost in the midst of time as well as book burning. Come now, if one were to look down from heaven upon earth, in what respect would our actions appear to differ from those of ants and bees?

There follows a host of gods and demons, arranged in eleven bands. Caleb rated it really liked it Apr 24, If God had wished to send down his Spirit from himself, what need was there to breathe it into the womb of a woman? Every one, they say, who is a sinner, who is devoid of understanding, who is a child, and, to speak generally, whoever is unfortunate, him will the kingdom of God receive.

A True Discourse

Magic and Religion Christopher A. They suppose that another God, who is above the heavens, is the Father of him whom with one accord they honor, that they may honor this Son of man alone, whom they exalt under the form and name of the great God, and whom they assert to be stronger than God, who rules the world, and that he rules over him.

But if you will quote the saying of Euripides, that.