Root Explorer Apk is the pivotal file manager app for the Android mobile users. If you are facing the issues in accessing your files then you are in the correct place, Root Explorer app is the best for you to use. It is now used globally all over to access the files and data. The latest version of the Root Explorer 5.1.2 apk is user-friendly and any one can access the app easily. Root Explorer perform all the basic functions of a file manager, in addition to that helps in finding the things in mobile so easily. One can customize in their own way of managing files in mobile.


Features of Root Explorer Pro Apk:

Listing down some of the features which help you in the understanding the application better.

  • File browsing is the basic feature of this app in your mobile.  It doesn’t matter either the files in the internal system or in the external SD card, you can access each and every file.
  • It has various features such as multiple tabs, Google Drive, Box, Drop box and network (SMB) support, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract RAR archives, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, send files (via email, Bluetooth etc), image thumbnails, APK binary XML viewer, change file owner/group, create symbolic link, “Open With” facility, MD5, create shortcuts
  • This app allows you to easily manage and removes files in the mobile.
  • One can send files using Bluetooth or via email to others.
  • It has a feature named APK file viewer, which has various uses such as viewing screenshots from the Google play-store directly, renaming the file names.
  • This application helps you in moving, copy, paste files from one location to other location like all other file manager applications.
  • One can hide the files in the personalized folder and in the same way even can unhide the files from the folder.
  • We can bookmark the files and folders to use them easily whenever we need.
  • Inbuilt text editor comes in the application. We can edit the data in the files and store them.
  • The details of the file such as the date on which file is created, the size of the file can be accessed using this app.
  • Multiple tabs can be used in the mobile while running this app without any interruption.
  • Apps can be moved to the device system folders which makes it unique to other applications.
  • Browsing files, sending files, editing files, naming the files, hiding the files, unhiding the files, these are the simple functions can be performed using this Root Explorer app in an easy way by anyone.

How to use the Root Explorer Apk:

  • The basic thing required for the app to run is to have a rooted Android device. So, first one should root the android device. Choosing the safe way to root the device is also the important thing.
  • The rooting process takes long, one must be patient during this rooting process.
  • Before beginning the rooting the device, back up all the files in the mobile.
  • Rooting processes are various such as KingoRoot, One Click Root, Frama Root, Towel Root and so on.
  • Choosing the particular rooting process all depends on your model of the mobile phone you use,
  • The easy way for the rooting process is to download the apps which can perform the rooting process and makes the rooting device
  • This app is not available in the Google Play Store, one must download and install it.
  • Open the app and tap on One Click Root, the rooting process will start in your mobile. The process will take about one minute if everything goes well.
  • Just one tap and rooting process are now completed on your Android device.• The other method to root the Android device with Windroid Toolkit.
  • Only compatible phones can be rooted using this process.• One more easy method is first you need to search XDA forums for your phone model.
  • The XDA forums are nothing but the Android developers that creates a way to root the devices.• Check for the ‘Jump to’ tab and click your mobile brand and check for the process of rooting the device.

Disadvantages of  the Rooting process:

  • There are some disadvantages of the rooting process in the Android mobiles. Let us see some of them.
  • Once you root your Android phone, forget the phone warranty, just remember it is gone and no more. Even when it is in the warranty period, the company is going to charge yours for the charges of the repair.
  • It may reduce the performance of your mobile.
  • The chances of susceptibility to the viruses is higher on the device.
  • If you miss a single while rooting the mobile, then you may brick your mobile.
  • Just remember one thing that it all may happen only if you don’t choose the right rooting process for your mobile.

Using safe rooting procedures such as Android Root can avoid all these issues except warranty. Whatever it is you are going to lose the warranty.So now you got all the information regarding the Root Explorer application, what are you waiting for?  Select the best rooting process compatible to your mobile, then download the Root Explorer app and install it. Access, send, move, edit, delete, hide, unhide, name, rename and do whatever you want to do with the files.

Download Root Explorer Apk:

The application will work only on the rooted devices. We can install the app in the non-rooted devices as well, but the app doesn’t work in the non-rooted devices. Rooting is nothing but the process that helps to modify the software code on the android device by which you can install the software on the advice. Generally, the manufacturer won’t allow you to perform this kind of actions. So this works only on the rooted devices.

                                                                     Download: Root Explorer Apk

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