A user’s guide to the VME, VME64 and VME64x bus specifications. View Abstract . Product Details. Detail Summary. View all details. Active, Most Current. EN. In 6U and 9U systems there can be transition modules installed on the rear side of the backplane. Transition modules do not connect to VMEbus but just to the. The VMEbus Handbook: A User’s Guide to the VME64 and VME64x Bus Specifications. Front Cover. Wade D. Peterson. VMEbus International Trade Association.

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Can it support multiple bus masters arbitration?

What are the various address and data size capabilities? Both were proven, off-the-shelf technologies. Powered by Wild Apricot Membership Software.

The rear transition module cards are defined by the IEEE That’s quite a claim, but it is supported by the fact that there are over known, commercial operating systems running on VMEbus.

Furthermore, the VME64x standard allows the use of a rear transition module. What’s the difference between the pin and pin connectors? They became immensely popular, and companies began to experiment with them in industrial control systems.


The VMEbus architecture is generally described using a concept of functional modules. This makes them an excellent choice for high speed signals. The hajdbook speed of asynchronous buses is limited by the propagation delay of signals across backplanes and through buffer ICs. Arbitration methods include priority, round-robin and other scheduling algorithms.


Obsolete VMEbus equipment new or used can be obtained from a variety of sources, including the following firms note: Handook group was composed of people from Motorola, Mostek and Signetics corporations who were cooperating to define the standard. Ironically, it was also good for the vmebuss because the lower prices increased the demand for their products. VMEbus backplanes vmeus available in lengths between one and twenty-one slots.

On standard backplanes, boards are located vmebks 0. A central bus arbiter, which is located in the first slot in the backplane and is part of the VMEbus system controllerdetermines which master may use the bus.

VMEbus is quite fast, especially in it’s most recent manifestations. Address-only cycle A type of cycle that only broadcasts an address. Bus cycles are impressed upon the sub-buses. Most Eurocard vmeus systems will support multiple card sizes in a single chassis. That’s because the system integrators The VMEbus architects were charged with defining a new bus that would be microprocessor independent, easily upgraded from 16 to bit data paths, implement a reliable mechanical standard and allow independent vendors to build compatible products.

Some of the most popular include:. For example, an adapter can be used to install a 6U board into a 9U card slot. There were many sound business reasons for this at the time, but eventually it succeeded. All bus activity takes place on five sub-buses.


What type of mechanical hardware does VMEbus use?

In a nutshell, the idea behind this backplane is that the leading edges of signals, hxndbook from slot-to-slot, will effectively pass through only one slot on the way to their destination. It continues to grow and support diverse applications such as industrial controls, military, telecommunications, office automation and instrumentation systems. The adoption of VMEbus as a public domain standard was a shrewd political move because it was easier to accept by a group of competitors.

VMEbus is a computer architecture. The ‘U’ is a unit of measure for the front panel, where each ‘U’ is equal to 1. It offers new features vmbus as:. Users that have the space can go with the larger and more popular 6U card. VMEbus was done a little differently.

New products work in conjunction with older ‘legacy’ boards, vmeubs providing a smooth upgrade path for system integrators.

There are several vendors for each of these types of products. A VMEbus backplane gmebus be up to mm The VMEbus specification allows different address and data widths to be used based on an application requirement. Functional modules called masters transfer data to and from functional modules called slaves. Usually part of the slot 01 system controller module.