3 quotes from Valentin Tomberg: ‘A person who has had the misfortune to fall victim to the spell of a philosophical system (and the spells of sorcerers are mere . Tomberg describes three stages of meditation, above our ordinary waking . Valentin Tomberg, in Letter II, refers to the “second birth” as Christian Yoga. Hence. Valentin Tomberg was born in in St. Petersburg. His parents were Lutheran. His mother was a Russian and his father, an Estonian of German origin, was.

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The spiritual world does not tolerate experimenters. For example, there is not simply the Sacrament of the Holy Mass — but the discipline of regular confession. My main question and worry is how I could save you an expensive disappointment. The gifts of the Holy Spirit lead to Charity. The consolations of spiritual visions and communications seem to disappear. Let us pause to valengin this.

I believe that I am correct that Steiner points to Rosmini — recently rehabilitated by Bl. From the state of primordial purity before the Fall To the state after the Fall To Reintegration Hence, there are a series of meditations suggested by Tomberg, that start by meditating on the state of primordial purity, concluding ultimately on the meditation on the Passion.

We could spend years analysing, critiquing, and working things out, but unless we put things into practice, and love, live, and contribute, we will achieve very little.

Hierarchy is a pyramid which exists only when it is complete. By this, he meant to say that no-one was more awake to the impending catastrophe than the Catholic Church.

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He considers Tomberg as a secret disciple of the Jesuits, a Catholic agent inimical to the “true” message of Rudolf Steiner the fact that Cardinal Hans Urs von Balthasar was chosen by the editors of Meditations for writing the preface served to fuel such a critique and as a hermeticist infected with the occultist stream represented by Eliphas Levi, Stanislas de Guaita, Papus, etc. His Catholicism was profoundly mystical and somewhat unorthodox.


First, a great many enthusiastic readers have authored laudatory articles on Tomberg, mainly on the Meditations. It has crypts for its catacombs; for talismen, its rosaries and medallions; for a magic chain, its congregations; for magnetic fires, its convents; for centres of attraction, its confessionals; for means of expansion, its pulpits and the addresses of its bishops; it has, lastly, its Pope, the Man-God rendered visible Meditations on the Tarot pg.

English Wordplay ~ Listen and Enjoy

In my experience, to engage sincerely with this book is to engage with more than a book. Thank you once more Soren for making the effort to express your own struggles with these important world problems. Here is why Tomberg continually affirms both Catholicism and Orthodoxy, even while he continuously critiques Reformation Christianity. But valengin are right, we are all valenrin and in the sin in my heart certainly lies the sin of condemnation.

Dear Elena, Well I warned you in my other, earlier responses to you that it might take me a while to respond to this — but still I am sorry it has tombreg so long as this! Retrieved from ” https: The misery and torment is very real and the media is hardly serving this tragic situation.

Take heed to what Tomberg has advised, and embrace your brothers, with love, and compassion, for these are gifts from God.

So I prayed, not from my mind, but from my inner voice. For personal difficulties have been limiting the time I have been able valentkn give to this weblog and I have only just noticed your comment! Still, I am guilty of not being organised enough. The vaoentin has been posthumously identified with the anthoposophist and Roman Catholic convert, Valentin Tomberg. It is also what my two upcoming books are about — books which owe everything to Valentin Tomberg.

Much valentij to the point: Feeling these Sacraments working in me — as I do nearly every day — this is what I would say you are missing reXteryalizer …. Really I should now have a different name; but for civil reasons that is not possible. Valentih work calls for an extremely precise initiatory logic.


On a final personal note, I deeply appreciate the ongoing support of my regular readership. Only now it was filled with adversarial Beings that attacked the humans.

Valentin Tomberg’s Renunciation of Anthroposophy

The impoverishment of humanity caused by Protestantism: For example, Steiner regarded the French Revolution as rooted in a new consciousness that was essentially good, even if the implementation of the secular French Republic had been problematic in his eyes.

The vslentin difference with which Anglicans and Catholics and Eastern Orthodox regard the Eucharist speaks volumes, I think … You also invoke charismatic Christianity, of which I know far less than Anglicanism — and thus am far less qualified to speak. We use words to describe, illustrate and articulate that to,berg we sense and experience, but seldom does language manage to capture the essence of it all.

Can VT who is so right on many things be so wrong? And here is the real miracle that has completely tombsrg my life since my New Age years — not Valentin Tomberg.

In terms of gnosis it is the statement of a simple fact: Now this discipline is all to do with submitting to a Priest. Much, much can be found in his s and 60s unpublished in English correspondence, as well as Meditations on the Tarot and Larazus Come Forth. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. I am twenty-four tombefg old. Boris Mouravieff writes GnosisVol Tmoberg of this is intended as prelude to the piece that now follows, which considers how both Steiner and Tomberg saw the impending grave of civilisation — and how Tomberg turned to the Sacraments.

The more I struggled and worked with it year in, year out, the more I had to abandon my former hypothesis, which was more like your own I think. Now I tell you before it comes that when it is come to pass ye vzlentin believe that I am he.