Section 1. Paragraphs INTRODUCTION. 1. Scope. a. This manual is published for the information and guidance of ordnance maintenance personnel. Carefully clean corrosion preventives from materiel received from storage (refer to TM ). b. Instructions for cleaning and lubricating the rifle by using are. Tm – US 30 cal. – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Shop inspectors must locate and report tm the shop officer any incorrect practices being used by shop personnel so that proper standards of rebuild are followed.

Check for combination tool M3, oiler and thong In butt well. Description in general of the use of these tools is given below. Check operating rod spring and compensating spring for kinks tk free length. A serviceability chart fig.

If production line procedure is used, keep the barrel and receiver, the operating rod, and the bolt together. Check rear hand guard band for looseness and burs. Pressure relieved by reverse action. Care should be taken not to cross threads. Polish rounded surfaces with crocus cloth if necessary. Operating rod spring B Inches — Make ym setting on the range if necessary.


Burs and scratches on wood grips should be smoothed with a fine flat file. The tools and fixtures required for assembling the rifle have been previously covered in section III. In the fifth echelon establishments, maintenance operations are usually performed by production line methods. The rear sight of rifles Ml of late manufacture has a slightly modified cover.


If rear end of arm is bent up, the operating tk catch will release early and 9-125 snap forward as clip is inserted, or bolt may close on an empty chamber.


Check outside of gas cylinder, where it contacts the barrel near 9-2175 gas port, for rust. Gas cylinder and bayonet lug dam – aged.

Assembly of gas cylinder group spline type. This can be accomplished by wiring the components to the barrel as they are removed. Do not disassemble acceler- ator unless necessary as pin Is riveted In Its seat. Examples are stock assembly, trigger group, bolt group, etc.

Operating rod spring C referred to above is the old type uniform diameter spring. Check rod for deformation, pinched or worn fork, loose rivets new typeand for burs.

Remove enough wood a little at a time and evenly from both sides to insure proper closing. If too 9-1257 or too loose, change a click at a time. Bent sliding loops and hooks. This con- dition indicates that proper care of the barrel ym not been taken. By order of the Secretary of War: If a selective assembly of plugs will not aline properly, misallne- ment in the gas cylinder is indicated and the gas cylinder should be replaced.

Often, only parts of assemblies will 9-175 worn or broken; where it takes more time to remove the service- able parts from the assembly than the parts are worth, the as- sembly should be replaced. Binding and malfunctions of operating parts due to insufficient clearance.


Worn holes In straps. Check outside of gas cylinder, where it contacts the barrel near the 9-1725, for rust. For a description of disassembling, assembling, functioning and operation of U.

If screw crowds hole too much, remove screw and ream out hole slightly. Always file towards an edge so as not to pick up slivers or chips.


Do not remove the gas cylinder for cleaning. The operating rod tube is slightly bent to provide clearance at the enlarged portion of the barrel. Check for de- formation, wear, burs, loose pin and worn or burred T-lug. When extractor is properly seated flush in its notch in bolt, re- fm bolt and withdraw tool from chamber.

This section makes any minor repairs necessary and refinishes and reoils the wooden components when necessary. This accurately centers the gage in the muzzle of the barrel.

To check this alinement proceed as follows: The hinged trap cover of the butt plate allows access to the two wells in the butt for carrying combination tool, M3, and oiler and thong.

Maintenance on military rifle. Some of such points are: Check fol- lower slide for free action with follower and for burs.