Mac Tonnies (20 August – 22 October ) was an American author and blogger whose The cryptoterrestrial hypothesis was developed in Tonnies’s blog, and later published posthumously. It proposes that extraterrestrial beings are. The Cryptoterrestrials has 76 ratings and 14 reviews. Anita said: Review snippet: In a way, this book is a perfect example of the sorts of ideas that mad. 21 Aug Before his death in late , Mac Tonnies was digging deep into the strange and enigmatic world of what he termed the cryptoterrestrials.

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And, most important of all, they desperately want us to think of them as visitors from the stars.

Begin to resonate at higher levels as you interact on higher dimensional levels. Lists with This Book. I “knew” the late Mac Tonnies as many others did– through interaction on his blog http: Their civilization supposedly resides within a huge, underground system of caverns and tunnels beneath the southwest portion of the Cryptooterrestrials States.

Roswell: The World Below | Mysterious Universe

Published March 1st first published They understood that a puzzle which – at first glance – seemed to be defined by the presence of nuts-and-bolts spacecraft and flesh-and-blood aliens in our midst, was far, far stranger than many within Ufology wanted to admit. Justin rated it cryptotefrestrials liked it Apr 17, Common sense is also in short supply: Read more Read less.

But, incredibly, maybe it is not. On the matter of what have become known as Contactees — those to whom the very human-looking Space-Brothers of the s and s appeared — Tonnies noted: Product details File Size: Peter Ek rated it it was amazing Jul 14, For them, UFOs have to be extraterrestrial. Nick Redfern March 13, He has a curious mind and I found his writing style enjoyable.


Like Vallee, For Mr. This kind of thing is why the mainstream can’t take Ufological ‘research’ seriously. Tonnies simply tacks away from either of those extremes towards an excluded middle ground that could refugees from both sides a place to find some comfort. Fans of the paranormal: Ed Meyer rated it it was ok Sep 18, How many figures were present?

It’s a window into UFO-ology, an occult subculture I don’t know much about. Perhaps Tonnies is writing to his audience here, but it was way too ‘inside baseball’ for me – and I am genuinely interested in the topic he’s writing about.

Scott Lyall rated it it was amazing Jul 01, Nick Redfern March 6, The possibility that ET would be flying around New Mexico in a balloon is absurd. Even skeptics will have a great time reading this well written book of wild conjecture.

Aliens or Ancient Humanoids?

Jerome Pritchard rated it really liked it Apr 12, Very significantly, Bosley revealed, his father told him the entities and their craft come from inside our planet. From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. At the same time, this groundbreaking work attempts to reconcile the mythological and contemporary accounts of “little people” into a coherent picture. Was it day or night? Gives the reader much to ponder and some good reference material to plow through when finished. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

Starting a chapter with ‘Hey, maybe these native Non-Human Entities live under the oceanyou guys!

Roswell: The World Below

At the same time, this groundbreaking work attempts to re What if the “aliens” are not from other planets? Fifty more pages of actual witness accounts or historical records, or even any kind of hard data, would have saved this book but as it is it’s a rambling, needlessly-repetitive mess and a huge letdown. As for so-called “alien abductions”: The Cryptoterrestrials continues in a similar vein; to the extent that we are left with a stark and surreal image of a very ancient – and very strange – race of beings who may once have been the masters of this planet; who were sidelined thousands of years ago; and who are now – under cover of darkness and while the cities sleep – forced to grudgingly surface from their darkened lairs and interact with the very things they fear and perhaps even hate and despise most of all: Refresh and try again.


Kirsten Corby rated it liked it Jun 14, No trivia or quizzes yet. Now the book on fish falling from the sky has spurious science to prove a particular point of view, all other points are dismissed, and the discussion becomes entrenched and adversarial.

He does, however, offer a logical, and at times powerful, argument in support of the theme of his book. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Mar 24, Todd R rated it really liked it Shelves: Read reviews that mention mac tonnies john keel jacques vallee ufo phenomenon scientific method greg bishop anyone interested passed away anomalist books extraterrestrial hypothesis worth reading think outside keel ufos aliens cryptoterrestrials alien subject theory earth evidence.

The Cryptoterrestrials by Mac Tonnies.