Buy Now, Samsung Security SLA-MDN, Low Price, Call () Samsung, SLA-MDN, 1/ CS-Mount Auto Iris Megapixel Lens, In stock. $ Only. Buy now and save. F (SLA-M), F (SLA-MDN) DC type auto iris. • Varifocal ~ mm / ” ~ ” (SLA-M). ~ 8mm / ” ~ ” (SLA-MDN).

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Failure to fulfill such responsibilities and undermining of the privacy and dignity of others may be punishable according to relevant laws and regulations. Thank you for visiting the Hanwha Techwin website. Hanwha Techwin prohibits the unauthorized extraction of email address information posted on the website via email address collection programs or any other technical means. Well Buying Industrial Co. Hanwha Techwin has ssla-m3180dn time, effort, and funds toward the acquisition of Confidential Information.

Privacy Officers 1 To protect the personal information of customers and handle complaints and sla-m3180dh related to such information, Hanwha Techwin has designated the following Privacy Officers. PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt.

This product is also associated with: M12 Sensor Size Camera Lenses: Hanwha Techwin does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any information or materials contained on its servers other than those on the Website or Confidential Information.

To remove a site from the Compatibility View list With your Lsa-m3180dn Explorer browser open, tap or click the Tools button. Electronic Theatre Controls Inc.

Winner Wave TW Limited. Digital Video Enterprises, Inc.

SLA-M3180DN Samsung MegaPixel Lens

As a rule, information text, graphic, audio, video, downloads, link, source code, etc. PrimeTime Lighting Systems, Inc.


Artel Video Systems, Inc. We’re like the Home Depot of security cameras with experts ready to answer any questions you might have. Hanwha Techwin informs customers via the Privacy Policy of the purpose and manner in which personal information is used as well as the measures for protecting such information. Amphenol Australia Pty Ltd. This lens includes a DC Iris which ensures clear images even in varying light conditions.

Shenzhen zaide Optoelectrics technology development Co.

Click an icon to be redirected to the download page. Accessory Selector Find the right accessories for your product.

If the Privacy Policy is amended for any reason, Samsung Techwin shall publish such information on the company website www. Retention, Usage Period, and Destruction of Personal Information 1 Samsung Techwin shall destroy sla-m3180n information without delay at the request of a customer or when the purpose of collection or provision of personal information has been achieved. By submitting your email address, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. Digi-Sat Plus Technologies, Inc.

Company address, company fax number, company website URL, hobbies, interests, slw-m3180dn of birth, company department, job title, product serial number, project information, interested content, etc.

SLA-MDN Samsung MegaPixel Lens

Rights and Obligations of Users and Legal Representatives and the Exercising Thereof 1 With respect to their own personal information, customers may at any time request the inspection, correction, deletion, stoppage of handling, or withdrawal of consent. Belar Electronics Laboratory, Inc. Chainzone Technology Foshan CO.

Identity theft or entering of false information may lead to membership termination. Most Helpful No Reviews. Tripleplay Services North America.


SLA-MDN | Hanwha Techwin – Security Global Leader

Hanwha Techwin retains all rights to such Confidential Information. No questions are found here. Shenzhen Top Technology, Co. Use, Provision, and Sharing of Personal Information 1 Except in cases where applicable by law or via customer consent, Hanwha Techwin does not use or provide personal information to other companies or organizations beyond the scope prescribed under Article 3.

Universal Remote Control, Inc. If you’re not in a hurry, we offer free ground shipping to the Contiguous United States. Custom Visual Display Systems. Government entities, law enforcement, schools, gas stations, warehouse, hospitals, hotels, casinos, tollway authorities, barn owners, cannabis farms, metal yards, construction companies, high end home owners, you name it. Use, Provision, and Sharing of Personal Information 1 Except in cases where applicable by law or via customer consent, Samsung Techwin does not use or provide personal information to other companies or organizations beyond the scope prescribed under Article 3.

However, Samsung Techwin shall not liable for problems due to personal information leaks caused by customer negligence or Internet problems.

Security Measures for the Protection of Personal Information Hanwha Techwin performs the following technical, administrative, and physical measures to ensure safety in the handling of and prevent the loss, theft, leak, alteration, or damage of personal information.