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Kalayae, One who sahasrta contention to destroy the Worlds Suvarnaraetasae, The Lord whose seed is golden Daevaasuraganaadhyakshaay, The Lord is the supreme authority over the Gods and demons Viraamaay, The Lord brings a termination to all activities and things Niyamaashritaay, The Lord is the refuge of those who follow self-restraint and purity of actions Sahqstra, He is the seed of the universe The Vishnu Sahasranama has been the subject of numerous shiv sahastra naam in.

Brahmagarbhaay, One who has the Vedas in His womb Varnavibhaavinae, The Lord is the author of the different categories Also, one who destroys everything at the time of Pralaya Ajitaay, One who is ever victorious, never vanquished Vishvaroopaay, One who has the universe as His form, in Whom the Universe is displayed Views Read Edit View history.


Ananthakrishna Sastry Hardcover Edition: Gandhapaalibhagawatae, The Lord is the form of understanding and desires that exists in all beings and is the supreme upholder of all Aarohanaay, The Lord ascends to the highest state of existence Nxam, The Lord is an astrologer who directs actions to the wheel of Time Ateendriyaay, The Lord is without any idleness which is the energy for preserving activity Vruttaavruttakaraay, The Lord is the Master of activity and inactivity Dhiv, The Lord is the Supreme end, the goal Agamaay, The Lord is changeless; He is fixed, stable Suraaridhnae, The Lord destroys the enemies of the Gods Vajrinae, The Lord is armed with sabastra thunder-bolt He is invisible like the wind, but can be known Niyataay, The Lord never fails in his duties.

Brahmakrutae, You are the creator of the Vedas Maasaay, The Lord is the form of the Month Gopaalaay, The Lord is the protector of the senses Kratavae, The Lord is the doer, the dynamism behind every action Sarvasaadhunishaevitaay, One who is served and adored by the righteous.


Sakalaay, The Lord is all pervading, complete Vikurvanaay, One who cannot be attained to by mere action Divisuparvadaevaay, You are the object of adoration even by the great ones of heaven Ushangavae, The Lord is the great ancient king Ushangu Aneetayae, The Lord is the form of dictatorship prevailing in the worlds Vishkambhinae, One who out of His love, entered into the world, The Lord is infinite