3 Feb Here is complete Last Chapter ‘Chotta Munh Bari Baat’ of Shahab Nama first time on internet Chotta Munh Bari Baat, Last Chapter of Shahab. The last chapter of Shahab Nama “Chota Munh Bri Baat”. The last chapter of Shahab Nama “Chota Munh Bri Baat”. Qudrat Ullah Shahab is on Facebook. To connect with Qudrat Ullah Shahab, join Facebook today. Join.

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Iffat Shahab was indeed another great human and proves to be authors great support throughout his life, she died in England and is resting in peace in Canterburry Sbahab Yard not so far from London, she was a great human being shaahb like his Husband, May Allah bless them both by namz greatest blessing Amen. The graveyard of nostalgia. Shahab sahib is buried in the official graveyard near Zeropoint in Islamabad.

The allegation that the children anma being deformed using medieval contraptions is of course denied by those associated with the shrine in Gujrat. One of the finest book in Urdu history and one of the best books of my life yet. Secondly things related to spiritual phenomena and disclosures which they experience are strictly personal and if made public would not be understood by others not be shaab any benefit to them. There those who consider Islam to be a simple and self-explanatory religion and therefore do not see any need for a shaykh.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then comes the part of painful and highly controversial topic of separation of East Pakistan aka Bangladesh. January 25, at 7: The gatekeeper of a shrine to health and fertility, she has a shrunken head that is too small for her body, her words are nonsense and screams, and even her face, with its pointed forehead and wide, round jaws, is in the shape of a tear.


Alakh nagri from Mufti Sahib concur with the last chapter of shahaab naama. He made Neela parbat which ran for either three or four days I saw it; it was a scream.

Social Denter: Understanding Shahab Nama (شہاب نامہ)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Probably they are prey to their malice, ignorance, disbelief, self-centeredness and misconception. In one chapter, he describes his encounter with the ghost of a dead girl in a haunted house. But even if one agrees with the fictional nature the works of Shahab, why is it so special to have and continues to captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of educated Pakistani youth across many generations now!

View all 6 comments. Has Shahab initiated silsla in his life or someoneelse started it after him?

مرکزی مینو

What is taqwa though? There was a person who claimed to be a Sufi although he was fully involved in worldly activities. As long as there is a reasonable attentiveness that is sufficient.

Then gradually the difference between governance and lack of it, social order and anarchy, law and lawlessness and constitutional government and dictatorship is lost to people. Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: My first piece of good fortune was that I was born into a muslim family.

God give a place in Jannat to Qudratullah Shahab Sabib. For if you go in this direction your pleasure is increased, your confidence is increased, your knowledge is increased; that is a different kind of knowledge.


For over three decades it has accomodated people.

Shahab naama give us a glimpse of our history. There are a lot of unbiasedness and accuracy in those.

These munafiques have always blammed good peoples as edhi, hakeem Muhammad Saeed, Even Quaid e Azam was blammed by them. It was all those things but it was lot more then that.

A man who had his faults but he tried to be better.

Zikr-e-Shahab: Remembering Qudrat Ullah Shahab

He was denied pension from Government of Pakistan for few years. Our shahwb lost it. He is best known for his autobiography Shahab Nama. Do not follow the example of Imam Ghazali RA in tasawwuf. The obsolete words lose their value and life, the words begin to adopt new meanings and new words are thus formed and added to the lexical stocks of language.

After Shahab Nama published, which was actually after Shahab’s death, Mufti wrote his autobiography, Alakh Nagriand openly discussed the hsahab traits of Shahab’s life.

Believers will give them money in the hope of blessings, but unscrupulous gangs of beggars are now exploiting this ancient tradition for their own ends.

Shahabnama / شہاب نامہ by Qudratullah Shahab

You do have a point though: The moment they wash it clean the moon like radiance of their face will become apparent. I hv some complications. It’s very important book in my life as it introduced me with sheer beauty of quality Urdu Literature.