25 Feb For we find the whole, or nearly the whole, of it repeated (with direct reference by name to our Sutta as the oldest and most complete. The newly crowned King Ajātasattu is disturbed by the violent means by which he achieved the crown. He visits the Buddha to find peace of mind, and asks him. Samannaphala Sutta (Digha-Nikaya) (The Fruits of the Life of a Recluse). Held in two parts at: (1) Padmaloka – 17thth July (2) Sukhavati – 15th August.

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This sutta reveals a culture of respecting ascetics.

Samannaphala Sutta

He has his sense-doors guarded. Would someone like to read that first paragraph, and then we’ll just discuss it? Now I have been freed from slavery, becoming once again my own master, not subject to another and able to go about as I please. Is there or is there not any personally experienced advantage in being a samana? The king then confessed that he himself had killed his own father so as to become king.

There, in the Hall, where the lights are lit. I died in that existence. Sometimes quite old traditions are sort of woven in with somewhat later ones, and the whole thing is elaborated into something which is eventually written down as a sort of literary work.

The Samannaphala Sutta is the second sutta in the Digha Nikaya. He adopts, and trains himself in, the precepts. When thus liberated, the knowledge of liberation arises in him.

The Vedas were the scriptures of orthodox That’s one particular version. So these five nikayas make up the Sutta Pitaka. Mindfulness and Awareness Satisampajanna suttx The reed is one thing, the sheath another. I was not pleased with what Sancaya Belatthaputta told me. Then I was born in this existence. For the sake of gaining sovereign power, I szmannaphala my father to death, who ruled with righteousness and kingly virtue. And yet cool water which wells up from that spring soaks, drenches, permeates and suffuses the lake and there is no place in that lake not suffused with it.


Based on the Pali commentarial literature and tradition, Thanissaro provides additional details about the king’s samannaphwla Other personalities mentioned by name in this sutta are Jivaka, Queen Vedehi, Prince Udayibhadda and six famous ascetics during Buddha’s time.

But King Ajatasattu of Magadha, the son wamannaphala Queen Vedehi, enjoys to the full the five pleasures of the senses as if he were a deva.

Even when they are submerged, they thrive under water, soaked, drenched, permeated and suffused from root to apex with cool water. Even if anyone living on the south bank of the Ganges should kill or cause others to kill, mutilate or cause others to mutilate, or torment or cause others to torment, no evil is done.

The ease and pain, measured out, as it were, with a measure, cannot be altered in the course of transmigration.

Pali Canon – Samannaphala Sutta

Wikisource has original text related to this article: An incredibly useful resource with huge potential for educating the sangha and bringing practitioners together. And further on in the same book IV, the object is stated to be for the sake of getting rid of five particular sorts of envy.

The king found each of these answers to be dissatisfying: Cula Sila Minor Morality Putting away the corruption of the wish to injure, he remains with a heart free from ill temper, and purifies his mind of malevolence.

They are as follows. My practice is right. Upon detachment from the five hindrances, further benefits arise from the practice of meditation.

I see that it is threaded with a dark-blue, or yellow, or red, or white, or light yellow string. In the Lohicca the question is as to who is the right sort of teacher; and the answer is that it is the one whose pupil carries out our groups Try to escape from this censure, or explain it if you can.


This work may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works. A bhikkhu abstains from watching entertainments that is a stumbling block to the attainment of morality. These responses are summarized in the adjacent table.

Samaññaphala Sutta – Wikipedia

But if calm and secure he can tell the difference. After death and dissolution of their bodies, they reappeared in wretched destinations duggatiin miserable existences apayastates of ruin vinipatarealms of continuous suffering niraya. This world does not exist, nor do other worlds. That being so, is there, or is there not, some fruit, visible in this world, of the life of a recluse?

But now, as you have realized your guilt and admitted it to make amends, we accept your admission. Buddhaghosa gives details of these four classes of living beings, showing how they are meant to include all that has life, on this earth, from men down to plants.

Then, while standing, he saw how the Monks sat in silence, samannapnala like a still, waveless lake. When he had thus spoken, a certain minister said to the king: They are sterile, permanent as a mountain peak and firm as a gate post. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. At one time, the Bhagava was residing in Rajagaha at the mango grove of Jivaka, the adopted son of the Prince Abhayatogether with a large company of bhikkhus, numbering twelve hundred and fifty.

A bhikshu might reach the goal either along that path, open also to laymen [9]or by the process set out in our Sutta.