Rock up c souDAblE. Rockwool Rockwool Rockwool conlIt u. conlIt pEnEtRAtIon boARD. conlIt fIx. conlIt DuctRock. conlIt stEEl pRotEct. Shop Rockwool Conlit U Brand Case 1 M with Offer. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. Shop Rockwool Brandschutzschale Conlit U 35, 0. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.

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Products and manufacturers of construction materials. Protective coats of aluminum foil pipelines bends other surfaces. Products and manufactures of machinery and construction tools. Olbrzymi proponowany przez Betterial.

Possible inconsistency of those prices online or photos of actual products. Form of Insulation Wool mats slab laggings granules self-adhesive laminate. Cart is empty 0. It is not practical to place reliance on differences of co-efficients of less than 0.

They are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses and densities to suit most requirements. Applications in construction slanting roofs flat roofs foundations facades partition walls.

Applications for installations pipelines tanks boilers turbines chimneys. Standards Rockwool Slabs conform to BS Not exactly what you want?

Supplementary material anticorrosive coatings Heat insulating spacesuit machinery and rodkwool. Form of foamed polystyrene slab laggings roll – mats granules blocks wedges – bevels.

Applications for installations pipelines tanks boilers electrostatic precipitators flue gas channels. Protective coats of PVC pipelines bends other surfaces.

The average diameter of fiber. Roth Werke from Buchenau has successfully conducted fire tests on its product systems in collaboration with Rockwool from Gladbeck. They are also suitable for acoustic absorption in the linings of buildings, particularly in sound studios. What is your payment methods?


Petrochemical industry — heat insulation and sound absorption of equipment for petroleum industry, power industry and chemical industry. Fire Protection RW2 Slabs laid between joists in a loadbearing timber floor will provide 1 hour fire protection. Happy to set a good cooperation with you, Thank you!


Fire-resistant conlit u rockwool. Thermal Insulation Rockwool Slabs are suitable for use as an internal lining for solid or cavity walls and steel or timber framed structures. For fire protection or use at continuous high temperature, the use of Rockwool FirebattConlit andFire Barrier or Wired Mat is recommended.

They are suitable for many applications including thermal insulation for floors, walls, boiler rooms and ice rinks, ventilation plants in all types of buildings and ships, acoustic ceilings and partition panels.

Form of the product granules bends mats laggings foams rockwooo. Material of lagging rubber polyethylene PUR polystyrene made from glass foam made of mineral wool.

Rockwool Conlit 150 U System

Our export experience more than 23 years. Plasterboard adhesive Adhesives and plasters for insulation Adhesives for tiles Building adhesives Adhesives for PVC,parquet cknlit and modular access flooring Others adhesives and accessories Hand and machine plasters and accessories Cements and concretes Plasters Self-leveling floor compounds and plasters Decorative and industrial floors Joint fillers for tiles Foams, silicons, acryls Building, cleaning and impregnation products.

Rigid Slabs can be used in industrial applications such as acoustic splitters and acoustic damping of ducts. Acoustics Rockwool mineral wool works in two distinct ways to reduce noise, either by impeding the transmission of sound through an element of the structure or by absorption of sound at the surface.


The fire tests showed that our system pipes can be fed through elements designed cnolit separate spaces without this having an impact on their fire resistance classification.

Welcome your kindly inquiry on our high quality products.

Conlit 150 U

Rockwool Slabs conform to BS We shall also continue to develop additional applications for our product solutions in the future. Zhengzhou Rosewool Insulation Refractory Co. The European classification standard covers a significantly rocckwool range of classes and combinations than the national classification as per DINwhich Roth pipe systems also satisfy.

Groups of tools Wall Chasers grout spreader Saw. Porous rubbers Armacell Kaimann k-flex Nmc.

Bitumen waterproofing Waterproofing foils and membranes Geosynthetic Alternative waterproofing Accessories for waterproofing. Noise absorption is expressed as a factor between 0 and 1.

They may be used at much higher temperatures, but some resin will be lost close to the hot surface. Fire The products are rated Class 0 as defined within the Building Regulations. Office Sofia Office Vidin.

Rockwool Conlit U | Insulation Shell | Oryx

Flexible Slabs con,it used as a thermal and acoustic infill for partition panels and curtain walling units and suspended ceilings may be similarly insulated using Rockwool Flexible Slabs laid over the ceiling panels. Very specialized category for thermal and acoustic insulation of pipelines of various kinds. Groups of machines mixer – mixers shears for steel Welding burners power tools. Contact Supplier Start Order.