25 Jun Riva Aquarama. Questions I love the classic mahogany boats especially the Riva Aquarama. For my wife Riva Aquarama Plans. Post by. 9 Nov I’m looking for Riva Aquarama Plans. Is there anybody who can help me. 14 Aug We have been asked for plans of Riva Aquarama for many times and finaly i could manage to publish. I am not good at speed cars but Riva’s.

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All the best, Tad. Key determinants are the opulent quality of the finish and fittings, the use of two ridiculously over-powerful engines and the reliance on mahogany as the primary build material, rather than wood inserts into a fibreglass hull.

Riva Iseo inspired build Daniel79Aug 11,in forum: I guess I will have to start saving now and buy the year after I die. To remove a keyword just delete it from the search field, please remove it entirely or the search results will not be so good. Last edited by paulolondres; Jul 30, at To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Every day thousands of modelers visit us and download free model airplane and boat plansplans shared by other modelers I have been trying to contact Riva enthusiasts’ clubs and associations, though as you can imagine, they are just aquatama of replicas period, rather than having anything informed or useful to say about design rights.

My Riva Aquarama Plans

Help to edit plans. This is the real Zephyr, a 16 foot stepped Hydroplane!

Whether they own particular patents, I have no idea, but they are sharp folks and I’m sure have taken whatever legal steps available to protect their work.


I found this to be a very advanced design in that the. Each plan will contain the keywords you choose and the plans descriptions will not be searched.

Riva Aquarama Scale Model Plans

The reverse transom is there and the raked bow. Plans are now available free from www. Magazine Modellflyng Nytt June More info https: As you mention, by the purists copies will be ridiculed. It has been said that the 16 foot Gar Wood speedster is, pound for pound, the most valuable classic production speed boat in the world.

Please email us for inquiries regarding custom stringers, transoms and swim platforms. Selected Plates from Souvenirs de Marine 21 Aug, For my wife and I that is the only boat for us.

And you plan on investing thousands of hours and dollars in this project? Here is PDF 1, have to wait 15 minutes to download the other half. As my interest is in boating, rather than Riva boats per se, this kind of price ladder is a significant consideration.

The thing I like most about the Glen-l sight is all the information there. Our plans for this boat are easily the best you’ll find anywhere and are incredibly detailed Read More. How about a Riva Ariston? Possibly the most famous wooden boat worldwide, the Aquarama was an intricate design with a ground breaking approach to both comfort and quality.

The design is now considered to be effectively in the public domain, and this is entirely consistent with what Classic Wooden Boat Plans claim. Discussion in ‘ Boat Design ‘ started by classiclinesNov 14, As qauarama above by sebi that the keel measurment is missing. Show Attachments in this Thread. All times are GMT Ken’s plans have decent detail, good customer support, riav stuff fits together just like the picture on the cereal box says it should.


I found this to be a very advanced design in that the. I need advice on this format. The Riva Aquarama is undisputedly the most popular and famous of Carlo Riva’s designs.

Classic Wooden Boat Plans ยป Riva Aquarama builds

Many thanks for any help you can offer Andrew England. Should get wet this Spring.

As an example, the Aquarama’s predecessor the Tritone is apparantly not worth half as much. I am going to go ahead and build one. There are some 15 frames, 2 keels, twin riiva assembly, vertical cleats, gas tank fixing, drivers bench seat, breast hook, front and rear stems with knees etc.

For those are mad searching for riva aquarama plans. – RC Groups

Should be able to handle a bit more HP and speed too since I’m planning on keeping it ‘ in length not the 28 of an Aqua. Hi Helpful, The plans are all from the original plans by the designers. Problems could arise if an attempt were made to pass the boat off as an original, although this would in any case not succeed if the prospective purchaser knew anything about the genuine article.