The Purananuru is a Tamil poetic work in the Eight Anthologies (Ettuthokai), one of the works of the Eighteen Greater Texts (Pathinenmelkanakku) collection. 25 செப்டம்பர் Posted in Sangam and tagged Purananooru | Leave a comment of all hues to whip up the glorious bravery of Tamils of yesteryears. The old. Yes, I have gone through them both once and I am in the process of going through them again to understand the meaning of every word contained in their texts.

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Thus have we seen in visions of the wise! However some of these could denote the same author. Swaminatha Puananooru CE resurrected the first three epics and Sangam literature from the appalling neglect and wanton destruction of centuries.

The Purananuru is a source of information on pursnanooru political and social history of prehistoric Tamil Nadu. Will such a clan give birth to one who is reduced to beg for food and water from spiteful foes who instead of killing him honorably in the battlefield, keep him chained like a dog and demean him?

More than poets wrote the poems. This is a stirring poem written from the point of view of a woman from a martial clan. She is reed thin, veins stand out in her shoulders, her stomach is shrivelled like dry lotus leaves. People bringing news from battle field say that her son ran away from the battle field after losing to the enemy. So those who want to attain spirituality, let go of the material world.

Also, Tolkappiyam’s oozhinai theme does not occur in Purananuruits role being filled to some extent by the nochchi theme, whilst other themes, described as having a particular function in Tolkappiyam, are utilised differently by Purananuru. Eric Alagan on Thirukkural — This is further strengthened by the mention of Maurya in poem and a reference to Ramayana in poem A little bit of background story puranamooru this poem.

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When Pothiaar reaches the capital city Uraiyur and looks at the desolate assembly bereft of its King, he grieves and wrote this poem. Descend, the raft goes on as fates ordain. He was a famous patron to many poets. She feels joyful that her son held up her clan prestige purananooruu died bravely in the battle field instead of running away.

This poem written by King Thondaiman Ilanthirayan, advises a ruler on how to rule his country purananopru movement of wagons as a metaphor. It is from these colophons and rarely from the texts of the poems themselves, that we gather the names of many kings and chieftains and the poets and poetesses patronised by them.


Thiru, the gooddess of wealth holds on to those who are not desirous of material world. But Malayaman gifts gilded chariots when he is sober.

Tolkappiyam does not mention several of Purananuru’s poetic meters and grammatical structure, which make it at least as old as Tolkappiyam if not more.

A mahout who has lost his elephant that he fed and cared for years grieves a lot when he sees the empty stable where the elephant lived. She searches among those bodies. Movement in the world happens when wheel and axle are joined together. There seems to be some definite structure to the order of the poems in Purananuru. Based on this one poem, there have been attempts at dating the Purananuru poems to around BCE or older.

So he waged war against them and asked them to pay purananoorh to him and accept him as their overlord. Tamil-language literature Sangam literature Tamil philosophy.

Purananuru – Wikipedia

It will purananoofu elusive. Some of the poems are conversational in which the poet pleads, begs, chides or praises the king. When grieved, we patient suffer; for, we deem This much-praised life of ours a fragile raft Borne down the waters of some mountain stream That o’er huge boulders roaring seeks the plain Tho’ storms with purananoofu flash from darkened skies. Views Read Edit View history. Some of the poems are in the form of elegies in tribute to a fallen hero.


Have pity on them…” The almost impressionistic picture the poem paints cannot be anything but by someone who is witness to the events present in the poem. Pothuviyal pkrananooru described in commentaries as a general thinai used for poems tamll cannot be classified in any other manner but, in the context of Purananuruis used almost exclusively for didactic verse and elegies or laments for dead heroes.

He was known for waging war against other rulers of Tamil country and subduing them. Companion studies to the history of Tamil literature.

Those days of youth, ah! We marvel not at the greatness taiml the great; Still less despise we men of low estate. Like winged termites that buzz out of termite mounds and die within a day, they rose briefly only to die. Pura Pudananooru is an anthology of poems about external world — wars, kings and warriors. It is a treatise on kingship: Old Tamil Poetry on Thirukkural — This poem was sung by the poet Pothiaar a close confidant of the King.

Kapilar too is not immune to that.