Proof of Canadian Citizenship PPTC * (PDF KB). Child passport application (for Canadians under 16 years of age). Child Passport Application PPTC. Fill applicant canadianpdffillercom form canada instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. Signature of applicant also sign section 5 Signature of other parent or legal guardian Aussi accessible en fran ais PPTC R1 – Page 1 of 8 Previous.

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How do I get a Canadian passport for my child from inside Canada? One of the pictures must be certified and signed by your guarantor, as shown on the application form instruction sheets. The Embassy of Canada cannot assume any responsibility for the professional qualifications, integrity, or services of the persons and institutions listed below.

Please note that passport fees are not refundable if ppgc application is cancelled.

Fees The processing fees vary depending on where you are applying from: If you are applying in Canada. The forms may not open on mobile devices iPads, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

Replacement of lost, stolen or inaccessible passports issued within the last five years.

Information is outdated or wrong. Please note that the application form used abroad differs from the one used in Canada.


If you are in the United Statesyou ppct only submit by mail your application, supporting documents and required fees. Documents to be enclosed To obtain a new passport, please send the following documents: Only original documents are accepted and they will be returned to you.

Questions For general questions, check the Frequently Asked Questions section for child passport applications on the Passport Canada website.

How do I get a Canadian passport for my child from outside Canada?

Fees Current fees and forms of payment In special situationsother fees may apply. Credit card payments can also be made in person. Please read the pptc concerning accepted methods of payment under Fees below.

In special situationsother fees may apply. We accept Visa or MasterCard credit card payments. Your previous passport, regardless of the issue date. If you submit your application by mail, a copy of your identification must be signed by your guarantor if you do not want to send the original.

Information archivée dans le Web | Information Archived on the Web

Other issue not in this list. If you apply for the first time for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate and a passport for a newborn or a child under 2 years old, the applicant must provide proof of travel or a written statement explaining the emergency and complete the PPTC form.

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How do I get a Canadian passport for my child from outside Canada?

Children over the age of 16 must pprc for their own passports – Read How can I get my Canadian passport from outside Canada? You will not receive a reply. Please ensure you take the document entitled ” Rules pphc Canadian passport photos ” with you. Documentary proof of Canadian citizenship originals only. Passport application form s duly completed forms must be signed, dated and completed before they are submitted to the guarantor. The standard processing time for passports is of 20 working days, once all required documents have been received.

Visit the Passport Canada website for detailed information about how long it will take to process the application and how to request urgent processing.

Application Form The application form varies depending on where you are applying from: Original proof of Canadian Citizenship Canadian birth certificate or Canadian Citizenship certificate from the Canadian parent is required. Report a problem or mistake on this page.

If you are applying from outside Canada and the United States.