The stakes get higher in #1 NYT bestselling author Anthony Horowitz’s latest masterpiece. As the fourth novel in the spellbinding Gatekeepers series begins, the. Necropolis is a fantasy novel by British writer Anthony Horowitz. It is the fourth novel in his Power of Five series. The book is set in London, Peru, Miami, Ukraine. 14 Jun NECROPOLIS ANTHONY HOROWITZ Anthony Horowitz wrote these series. THE POWER OF FIVE (THE GATEKEEPERS) Groosham Grange.

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Hong Kong is being poisoned by the Old Ones, and Scarlett is captured. Do you really want to delete this prezi?

She is then disguised as a boy, and pretends to be the son of a nectopolis who are boarding a ship departing Hong Kong to Macau, where she will meet with the other Gatekeepers. This book started off quite slowly I think. Later, she escapes by attacking the monks and returning through the door.

Necropolis (Power of Five) by Anthony Horowitz – book review

She finds out about her true identity when she walks through a door in a church and ends up at a monastery in Ukraine. She barley escapes, and after this incident her parents get divorced and she moves away with her dad to Hong Kong who got horpwitz job at a company called Nightrise, who is affiliated with the Old Ones and has orders to keep her there.

Uorowitz there was slices of mystery and it had me This book is in the “survival” category. The book was released in the United Kingdom and Australia on 30 October Paperbackpages. I thought this was brilliant, conceptually that is. Views Read Edit View history. Necropolis The Gatekeepers, 4 4. What will happen to the five gatekeepers?

Then you get to ‘Necropolis’, and almost immediately you are sucked in. It’s kind of an odd series. As the series has progressed, the stories have become less about strange things happening in our normal world and more about the supernatural taking over our world, so this book features a bizarro-world Hong Kong with evil creatures possessing most of the population.


There was no stimulation in this story, or drive, to make one even mildly interested as to what happens next. Add a personal note: Necrpolis there Matt lets himself be captured by the Chairman after being betrayed by a despondent Paul Adams, attempting to barter him for Scarlett. Action packed, dark and yet moving at times. He agrees to help them after affirming that Matt and Jamie are indeed part of the Five with a test: Published first published January 1st The ending was good because it made you want the next book.

Once there Matt lets himself be captured by the Chairman after being betrayed by a despondent Paul Adams, attempting to barter him for Scarlett.

She has the ability not just to predict, but to control weather conditions. There she learns the truth about herself horowits that she is a Gatekeeper, one of the five with the power to stop the Old Ones, ancient and evil beings who want to see the world destroyed. And I wouldn’t mind, except A person trying to give her a letter disappears in a swarming crowd, and the people that she meets stare at her intently.

Matt makes his way to Wisdom Court, where Scarlett’s father now resides. The author put in a lot of detail. The ultimate power of the fifth gatekeeper is about to be unleashed. According to Horowitz, this change resulted a horrowitz rewrite of the original. I was still necropoois though, because it was dark, creepy and set in Asia. Aug 23, Declan Quinn rated it it was amazing.

View all 3 comments. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. Necropolis is a re-write horowiz the novel The Day of the Dragon, part of the unfinished Pentagram series.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The readers deserved better than that.

Scarlett is then taken to Lohan Shang-tungwhose agents have just helped her escape the Old Ones, and when the building is attacked by Old Ones and Police, they help her to escape again. All of the Yorowitz are separated all over the world with their partners, due to having no preassumed destination decided between all of them, also it is said that since the door collapsed as they were going through it, one final trick was played on them.


Now, both imprisoned, their only hope of survival is to hkrowitz a secret door in the Man Ho temple. This book 4 has a good pace to it.


Can’t wait to see how this series wraps up in the final instalment ‘Oblivion’, which has almost pages! The diary contains the locations of twenty-five doors around the world that serve as portals to other doors.

Shang-tung explains that Scarlett has been taken prisoner by the Old Ones who plan to turn Hong Kong into a necropolis, a city of horowtz dead, by using poisonous gases mixed with the pollution from mainland China that will suffocate and kill the residents there. A dream call by Scarlett wakes a dragon a metaphor for a typhoonwhich starts to move towards Hong Kong.

When the first book came out, I really enjoyed it and the second one. May 16, Bookbesties rated it really liked it.


Sep 11, Fergus Lees rated it it was amazing. Jul 24, Negar rated it liked it Shelves: Father Gregory for one definitely made my skin crawl which was the idea it seems. But is Scarlett really in distress?? I feel like the book focused too much on the plot and creating action, and not enough on the characters. Necropolis is a fantasy novel by British writer Anthony Horowitz. The book is a bit of a joke, they chase Scarlett around the world and at the end they’re all separated again.