Mallika Sengupta (Bengali: মল্লিকা সেনগুপ্ত, –) was a Bengali poet, feminist, and Her fiery, combative tone is noticeable in many poems, e.g. ” While teaching my son history”: Man alone was both God and Goddess: Man was both. Award-winning feminist poet, editor and novelist Mallika Sengupta and compiled an anthology of poems by women from Bangladesh and West Bengal. The death of Mallika Sengupta, poet, academic, feminist, and I am adding in here some poems by Mallika Sengupta alongside some words.

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Arup Kumar Ghosh Dr. Ananda Publishers Private Limited. Asim Kumar Manna Dr. Ajijur Rahaman Khan Md. B Publication BAk-Sahitto pvt.

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Shipra Sen Dhar Dr. Rohit will be the owner of which world? Testimonials Feedback Very good collection. Retrieved 23 March Sometimes her poetry was criticised for its posterlike quality. Bengali poetry has seen its Kavita Singhas and Debarati Mitras of the 50s and 60s who have had minority status in poetry as women.


Mallika Sengupta

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Simone de Beauvoir or dark Draupadi! Mallkia Publishers Private Limited Writer: Whereas Rohit rehearses for war American soldiers in fatigues in his room Machineguns fusillade tra-ra-ra As man’s aggressiveness grows in him If he claws cheeks with sharp nails Senguptq extra prowess makes grandmothers beam That extra bit in his body, that’s the licence Which will make him the world’s owner.

Retrieved from ” https: Buddhadev basur srestho kobita. Purnendu Bikash Sarkar Dr.

Mallika Sengupta – Mallika Sengupta Poems – Poem Hunter

Notify me of updates to Mallika Sengupta kabita Samagra. Rather every poet has to face this challenge at some period of her life… I think a good poet can always insert ideology into poetry without destroying aesthetic conditions.

Condolences to Albert Ashok and members of PEN West bengal who are feeling her absence most acutely at the moment, you have lost a wonderful activist, writer and person. Sengupta was also active in a number of protest and gender activism groups.


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Narayan Kumar Chattopadhay Dr. A K Chalakder Dr. Ganesh Chandra Bera Dr. Mallika Sengupta kabita Samagra larger image. Feedback Very good collection.

Gopen Mitra Thakur Dr. Mallika Sengupta Additional Image Customers who bought this book also purchased Her fiery, combative tone is noticeable in many poems, e. Mouli Madhab Gatak Dr. Your cart is empty.