6 May Sándor Szathmári’s satirical novel, Voyage to Kazohinia, is based on an implicit insight into the diametric model of mental illness. KAZOHINIA Magvetõ Könyvkiadó, Budapest, Translated by Inez Kemenes Translation revised by Fred Macnicol Cover design by Mária Hódosi. PDF | On Mar 1, , Zsolt Czigányik and others published Negative Utopia in Central Europe: Kazohinia and the Dystopian Political Climate of the s.

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Bring on the Mother-Only Babies Uni-parental children will be a lab test of the imprinted brain theory.

Voyage to Kazohinia

Overall, a very enjoyable read which I recommend to fans of Dystopian literature and curious readers alike! Unfortunately the English translation can’t be compared with the Hungarian edition, and probably it’s even harder to understand the different systems described in a book if you haven’t lived in a country which flipped political systems faster than seasons changing which made people feel as lab rats.

The Hins are a people who have solved all economic problems: And it really is the Gulliver who discovers it, a modern day version, a kazoninia doctor shipwrecked while fighting for Britain’s ‘rightful interests’ against the wrongful interests of an Italian state presumptuous enough to think they kaozhinia can have an empire.

Written in in Hungary. Kazo and its kazohinai, kazi disharmonyare the only concepts among the Hins.

Voyage to Kazohinia by Sandor Szathmari

Back Find kazzohinia Therapist. A new measure of relatedness is suggested by epigenetics. Arpad rated it it was amazing Apr 15, We reach the saddest chapter of author’s adventures — The Behins break into the fit of rage called buku — Author almost falls victim to it — Author publishes with reservation the part concerning the bikru.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Refresh and try again. Meanwhile, the Behins appear so illogical that I generally felt like metaphorically banging my head against the wall.

With this approach, Gulliver highlights the blurring of and contradictions between the two ideals, common sense. It’s kazohknia ideal world in many ways so what communism just wants to bebut, like Gulliver, most of us wouldn’t actually want to live there.

It cannot be said that Kazohinia was produced under the influence of Aldous Huxley, although there are many similarities, as it was written two years before Kazohinai New World appeared. Author arrives in the skoro — We learn the methods used to warp kazohihia — The Behins falsify geometry — Author’s dispute over the child’s bruhu which he spoils unwittingly.

Madness is a generally binding rule here… Among kazouinia Behins you cannot say anything that does not offend some monomania… Anyone in whom the proper faculty of judgment still flickered was excluded from work as being useless.

They experience no emotions, love, beauty or spiritual life. For example, the mazohinia needs of the body are kazo, yet friendship, music, love, and even the concept of beauty, are kazi to the Hins. Gulliver has gone from a land where contradictions don’t exist to a land where everything is a contradiction.

Later, however, the writer underscores this irony by having a Behin leader and a British admiral articulating the same irrational philosophy. Foreword Reviews only recommends books that we love. The Hins all work for each other because not to do so would entail suffering, yet they only cooperate when there is a tangible benefit, hardly conversing otherwise.

The convoluted Behin reasoning leads to food prostitutes—women that charge money to let men see them eat. Lunatics running the asylum. While living among them, the protagonist suffers hunger, extreme misery, and even danger of death.


Still, I was kazlhinia little wary about reading this, since lately I’ve been in a slump with older, especially translated, novels. Yet after only months, Gulliver despairs: Voyage to Kazohinia kazohjnia. One cannot isolate oneself! This Hungarian novel is about the travels of a modern Gulliver.

Author moves out into Hin life and practises medicine — The Hins’ wonderful medical science — Author, though kazohinla, becomes involved in murder, through which he leaves his post — The Hins have no consideration for the soul of children — Author becomes a weaver but boredom almost causes him to drift into catastrophe. I don’t know, I’m going to keep trying.

In the first, Gulliver arrives among the Hins.

This Gulliver represents the ordinary man, unable to find his place either in a society shackled by human prejudice or in a soulless civilization. Dystopian novelutopian fictionscience fiction. For that last quality alone, count me out! Author is examined by doctors — They place him in a hospital among the Belohins and teach him their language — Further, we encounter the kazo concept, the basic principle, or, rather, the prevailing condition of the country. A good read but hard. The protagonist, bored with the inhuman life of the Hins, chooses to live among the insane Behins, who reportedly conform better to his outlook on life.

No fee was paid by the author for this review. Gulliver attempts to define and give examples of the human soul, what drives someone to create things or express themselves in certain ways.