Welcome to Bullet Park, a township in which even the most buttoned-down gentry sometimes manage to terrify themselves simply by looking in the mirror. When in John Cheever turned from the lovable Wapshots to the weird creatures who inhabit Bullet Park, most reviewers attacked or. Jenne begins with Joyce’s Dubliners while I flip open a novel by John Cheever, Bullet Park. I had picked it up used a few months ago after being intrigued by.

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The novel opens with an odd, lyrical, tense-shifting passage that fades into a typical past-tense third-person narrative. This story isn’t remotely about murder. And I think that’s on purpose.

Independently wealthy and existentially lark, Hammer has moved to the suburbs with a perverse ulterior motive: Here is the lyrical and mordantly funny hymn to the American suburb—and to all the dubious normalcy it represents—delivered with unparalleled artistry and assurance. Outside, near the garage, the gravel-strewn driveway where we bullft to play Whiffle ball, hurling the white sphere at each other until our shoulders hurt. Jan 10, W.

Characters drink so much hard liquor I came away from the book with a contact buzz — perhaps contact alcohol poisoning. There are also times when Cheever falls prey to cheeve same overlyrical, narrative-choking prose that he and I, in my own head, have criticized Updike for, but it isn’t really flagrant or sustained, thankfully. Father and son go to an abandoned miniature golf course which serves as a gothic setting for their encounter. Wholesomeness is boring but there’s nothing much we can do about it?


Bullet Park by John Cheever | : Books

Preview — Bullet Park by John Cheever. Soon, the man next to us strikes up a conversation. His son, Tony, becomes disillusioned with life and decides not to get cgeever of bed.

Inthe novel was adapted into a French-language film, Parc. I’ve been meaning to read Cheever all my bulley life, but didn’t expect to like him — suburban malaise is not a subject I need to spend a lot more time exploring. This section is faster, more character driven, and less good, as the voice loses Cheever’s lyricism.

Part three has Hammer snatching Tony and almost burning him when the Swami saves him. Unsourced bulleh may be challenged and removed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But every sentence is musical, though the totality is much stranger.

But the novel is bigger than my own personal ancestry or illumination: My memories of my grandmother are more lukewarm.

Come on, that’s just genius! NYC will always exist. They had erotic depths, origins, memories, dreams and seizures of melancholy and enthusiasm. Cheever shows the human race a fundamental respect by sketching every character, no matter how ripe for suburban convention, as capable of deep wells of emotion and weirdness. Why haven’t I bloody read Cheever before?! Jul 26, Pages Buy.

What an intensely odd novel. Part 1, the “death to suburbia” section about Nailles’s life, is a tour de force of ideas and writing, but is still a tour of the very subdivisions where it’s set — i.


While he speaks, a slender, attractive blonde woman jockeys silently for his attention. Fortunately, though this point has been made multitudes of times since humans could hold pencils, he delivers in a twisted and interesting way with a commanding sense of language that helps you identify with the glimpses of these tortured moments.

Bullet Park will always exist. Even within the parts things seem pretty disconnected and episodic. Maybe I’m just over so unhappy ‘s suburbs, but I do not like this book. Part one introduces an average man, Nailles, living in an average and depressing suburb of New York.

Bullet Park

cheevver Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She was not an unintelligent woman. Upstairs are the slanted-roof rooms where my parents and brother and I used to play card games deep into the night while the lady of the house slept downstairs. A wife in Westchester and a widow in Westport.