Tipitaka Sutta Pitaka Majjhima Nikaya Jivaka Sutta Translation by Upalavanna I heard thus. At one time the Blessed One lived in Raajagaha, in the mango. Thus have I heard: The Bhagava was once staying at the Mango Grove of Jivaka Komarabhacca1 in Rajagaha. Then Jivaka Komarabhacca approached the. Are Buddhists vegetarian? Learn what did BUDDHA say about eating meat. Are Buddhists vegetarian? Many modern Buddhists do not know.

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When killing if that animal feels displeased and unpleasantin this fourth instance he accumulates, much demerit. So, what did the Buddha say about eating meat. Venerable sir I have heard this: The bhikkhu accepts, if he likes. I witness it, in the Blessed One. At such a time does not that bhikkhu nourish himself with blameless nourishment?

The exception presumes the rule.

The Way to Nibbana. Something covered was suttq manifest. Verily, Venerable Sir, the Bhagava abides in equanimity. There might be vexation, displeasure and anger due to sensual desire, hatred or bewilderment.

The Tathagata has got rid of sensual desire, hatred and bewilderment, has uprooted them and has rendered them like unto a cut off, palm-tree stump, has made them incapable of further existence or of rising again. Eutta such a time does the bhikkhu intend harm to him self or to others or to both himself and others?

He eats that almsfood without being attached to sktta, without longing or urging for it, and utterly disgusted with it, he sees the danger in it and understands the escape from it!!!


Jivaka, I say there are three occasions in which meat should not be eaten; when it is seen, heard or suspected that the living being has been killed for jiivaka of a bhikkhu. As though an oil lamp was lighted, for those who have sight to see forms. I write human rights and animal rights performance poetry. Jivaka, if what you said refers to this, I accept what you say. Jivaka, any lust any hate, any confusion whereby cruelty or envy or aversion or resentment or discontent might arise, have been eliminated by the Tathagata, cut off at the very root uivaka like a palm stump, done away with, so that they are unable to arise in the future.

Are Buddhist vegetarian? What did BUDDHA say about eating meat.

Please reconsider this Jivaka: From today let the Blessed One remember me as a lay follower who has gone to him for shelter for as long as this life lasts. According to the Pali Tipitaka, the Buddha did not put a ban on the eating of meat.

Jivaka, those who speak thus, do not truthfully speak about what has been said or done by me, but misrepresent me with what is untrue and quite contrary to the actual facts Yet many Buddhists eat meat—although many do not —and monks, priests, and scholars sometimes defend meat-eating as consistent with Buddhist teaching. But the bhikkhus does not think thus: What I said refers exactly to this. It has long held that all life forms are sacred and considers kindness and compassion the highest virtues.


In this third instance he accumulates much demerit. When a householder gives the order, ‘Go! Meat may be eaten on these three occasions. In this Sasana, a bhikkhu lives in dependence on a village or a town. Venerable sir, what I said, referred to exactly that. Komarabhacca is a cognomen of Jivaka. What do you think, Jivaka? Buddha denies this, and explains his position on meat this way: Then the house holder or the householder’s son serves him with excellent alms-food.

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In fact, the exception reinforce the rule…. Jivaka was already a lay Sotapanna Stream-Enterer before hearing this discourse.

Majjhima Nikaya 55

Brahma dwells in friendliness. Meat that is impermissible: I declare there are three circumstances in which meat can be eaten: Buddha was creating an extremely narrow exception to a broad general rule. May the Bhagava take me as a lay disciple ‘who from now on has taken refuge in the three Jewels for life.