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If it is driving back into whatever is supplying that rail it can cause some irff3710 unfortunate effects. Some conflicting advice here. Currently I have not done any other tests besides spinning up the motor three identical circuits are used to drive one phase each. The gate resistance is way to high ohms, the parallel resistors R17 and R18 are not supposed to be there, as they just spoil the performance of the bridge. You want a defined startup state.

My reason for R17 and R18 is as pull down resistors to pull the gate down to make sure it irf accidentally come on from disturbances if the driver happens not to drive it. The IR chips have failed repeatedly on 1 or 2 of the stages during my recent tests. The motor spins up to a certain point, then as I increase the motor speed current increases as well one or more irf37100 the drivers fail.

Possibly I will also add a comparator as peufeu suggested above for case when voltages generated by the motor as it spins exceed 48v and dump that into a resistor.


IRF – Infineon Technologies

Current layuot work in progress. You say you are already doing that so it irg3710 good. If it is driving back into irf is supplying irf rail it can cause some rather unfortunate effects. Is there any other driver similar to the ones I use right now that can provide much higher currents assuming current rating is the issue?

All of these can create issues. My tests show that Ohm is “ok” in terms of turn on jrf3710. However latest failure occured on two drivers at once – the one closest to the 48v connector and the one furthest away.

However one of those capacitances can go to the 48V value as the bridge switches. Since these will carry HF current ripple, make sure they’re rated for your ripple current use the kHz rating in datasheet. Sign up using Email and Password.

My “rather naive” idea so far has been that the fly-back currents are to be handled by the built in flyback diodes in the FETs and heat that generates can be dissipated to a heatsink of sorts. I have added them to the schematic afterwards.


Martin 1 Not sure irf the diodes D8 and D9 without a series resistor are OK. This can manifest itself in two ways: I have added a single 47uF 63v cap in the middle at the top. Can the above circuit work at all or do I have to completely redesign it?

As for why it blows, no idea, but spikes can couple through FET capacitances and go to the wrong place Sign up using Facebook. In terms of voltage used to drive the load I have only gone up to 30v so far. When the circuit fails, a short circuit occurs on the supply, but nothing gets hot I have a current limit on the power supply so the short circuit current never exceeds 5A.

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IRF MOSFET complementary, equivalent, replacement, pinout, specs, dimension, characteristics

If 48V is not properly bypassed then of course everything will blow due to voltage spike caused by energy stored in wiring inductance irf nowhere to go.

I see a few things If I decouple each FET then that would mean the cap would be placed between drain and source of each fet.

Why it has failed: The motor spins irf to a certain irg, then as I increase the motor speed current irf as well one or more of the irf fail. I think your gate R value are actually too low. Is it the current generated when gate is discharged?

You can try only my opinion, without calculations: Replacing the driver chips fixes the problem – only until next failure. This can manifest itself in two ways:.

To do it well you really need to add igf3710 push-pull stage NPN-PNP in between at which point you are really ramming a square peg into a round hole Trevor above suggested even that I use Ohm instead.

This can manifest itself in two ways: