Consult STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s entire HeliCoil catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ helicoil – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. HeliCoil Catalogue – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Load capacity and precision at the highest stage.

HeliCoil – STANLEY Engineered Fastening – PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Considerably higher forces can catalkgue transmitted so that the dimension or total number of required screws can be reduced. Related Searches Threaded insert Industrial blind rivet Metal nut Steel nut Riveting machine Machining cutting machine Nutrunner Thread machining cutter Solid milling cutter Weld-on nut Metallic fastener Stainless steel rivet Brass insert Splined rivet Welding gun Load-bearing nut Large head rivet Ultrasonic installation insert Corrosion-resistant rivet Stud welding gun.

Heli-Coil inserts quickly and permanently restore stripped, worn or damaged threads to their original The inserts work in just about any part or material; aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, bronze, etc fuel efficient cars means more thread damage The spring-mounted installation blade grips into the notch of the coil thread insert and securely installs it in the prepared pilot thread.

Open the catalogue to page 3. D1HC is decisive for selecting the correct twist drill diameter. Therefore, tang break and removal are not required.

Therefore, a higher, constant preload-force is achieved for repeated cycles at the same tightening torque. Open the catalogue to page This length can only be measured for installed thread inserts.


Thread inserts for metals HELICOIL® | Böllhoff

Car Repair Solutions Your partner for successful joining — worldwide. Both versions can be screwed in like a screw with an installation mandrel. Innovative installation n Installation from both ends with identical quality n No preferable end n No directional orientation Tangfree thread insert n n n n No tang break — no tang removal No risks from tangs left in component Reduced installation time due to less process steps Reduced testing and documentation effort Low tool wear n Minimum wear of tool blade n Easy maintenance Improved quality n Simplified quality assurance n High-strength threads also for blind holes with small This allows for the design of assemblies where the bolt will fail before the parent material.

Optimised tightening methods and high-strength screws allow constant improvement. Heli-Coil Inserts are The Original. The innovative coil of the insert allows installation from both ends with identical quality. Stronger Assemblies Tapped threads are strengthened because the inherent flexibility of the insert provides a more balanced distribution of dynamic and static loads throughout the length of thread engagement.

Open the catalogue to page 7. Open the catalogue to page 6.

This provides sufficient strength in most applications. The high surface quality of the rolled thread ensures a high-strength, wear-resistant thread with an extremely small and constant thread friction torque. Open the catalogue to page The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Open the catalogue to page 5. Completely lined thread at small tap hole depth. This thread insert is predominantly used in the aviation industry.

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Car Repair Solutions Your partner for successful joining — worldwide. For shorter or longer lengths and volume applications, see page The Blue Book Aerospace Buyer? The stainless steel coil thread inserts are formed catalogus elastic spirals in proven quality from wire with rhombic profile. Open the catalogue to page 6. They feature high wear resistance and low thread friction within small tolerances.

The inserts are contained in a sturdy, clear, plastic display box and marked with part number cataloguee thread size. You do not need a tang to install these thread inserts.

Open the catalogue to page 2. One or several polygonal-shaped threads clamp the flanks of the The screw is locked by one or catalpgue polygonal-shaped threads clamping the flanks of the screwed in Additional locking ehlicoil the joint using split pins, wires or washers is not necessary. True quality appears under extreme conditions. Reduced thread friction Less friction, more precision. Less friction, more precision.

Nominal Length is a computed value and cannot be measured. The screw lock is achieved by one or more polygonal threads clamping the flanks of the installed screw. If you would like to know more, simply download the relevant brochures.

The fine set has six sizes: Open the catalogue to page 4.