Prayer has ratings and 53 reviews. Cynthia said: O. Hallesby wrote a masterful treatise on prayer. I have a whole ceiling to floor bookshelf devoted. Here is a great list of quotes and sayings from Ole Hallesby. Nor is it our prayer which moves Jesus to come in to us. All He needs is access. He enters in of. In a book geared toward people that struggle in their personal prayer life, the author aims to clear readers’ minds about their need for prayer and strengthen their.

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22 Ole Hallesby Quotes

This is a great little book for those struggling to find meaning in their prayers, or with the guilt of their own prayerlessness. We hhallesby when we expand outside of our limited experiences and desires. Hallesby describes two things that make up the attitude of prayer — helplessness and faith.

That being said I am quite intuitive and have reflected on these things before, so for the logical thinker needing a spreadsheet explaining every detail of prayer, then this book is for them. Blog Statshits. Hallesby is quite different, immediately acknowledging the depth of our plight and treating the whole subject of prayer with refreshing honesty. But in praise my soul ascends to self-forgetting adoration, seeing and praising only the majesty and power of God, His grace and redemption.


Have you received Christ as your Lord and Saviour?

I would quote a bit of it here — and I started to, but I wasn’t sure where I’d stop. Then we can wait for the Lord. Bring your helplessness as the main contribution to the prayer 2. But, Hallesby declares, such a notion is pagan.

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HillmanCoral G. ;rayer Ole Hallesby was one of Norway’s leading Christian teachers and devotional writers. Oct 18, Nathan Feaver rated it it was amazing. To pray is nothing more involved than to let Jesus into our needs, and permitting Him to exercise His own power in dealing with them.

For me, it was the most informative read of the book. Jun 13, Coyle rated it liked it. And does God answer the prayers of the unconverted? This site uses cookies. And one might also wonder why anyone else wrote a halesby on prayer after this one was published. Sep 11, Hobart rated it really liked it Shelves: This alone is sufficient to make it clear to us that the work of intercession can be done only by those who are willing in spirit.

As far as I can see, prayer has been ordained only for the helpless.

O. Hallesby | Pray for Revival!

It’s an encouragement to bring all your needs and even your neediness to God in prayer. My suggestion yielded something I did not expect: The speech was condemned on the front page of Dagbladet the following day, and criticisms were raised against NRK for hosting Hallesby’s speech.


I learn something new in almost every book, which shows us that prayer is a deep, highly individual topic and one can never claim to fully understand or to perfectly carry out the prayers of a warrior.

It is the last resort of the lrayer. Even Jesus prayed three times for the cup to depart.

It is often, wrongly, thought that wrestling in prayer means wrestling with God until he yields up what it is that we seek. An outspoken opponent of the Nazi occupation of Norwayhe was arrested and detained at Grini concentration camp for two years until the end of the war. The author compiles his thoughts into 11 different chapters.

Doubtless we receive many benefits; in fact, we receive just what we need in prayer. This is an excellent and convicting book on utilizing jallesby properly.

Marriage to a Roman Catholic? Jan 25, Nick Roark rated it really liked it Shelves: