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Photophysical Properties and Their Frontier Orbitals. Structural Data And Theoretical Calculations. Preparation, Structures And Optical Properties.

The Polymer Research Group has been involved in Thematic Network Academic Collaboration focuses on the study of the property-structure materials relationship. Click here for Past Group Members.

Theoretical investigations of two adamantane derivatives: Exajen Polymer group was founded by Judith Percino Z. The conjugates are from the point of view of experimental-computational calculations, for which students must obtain experimental results and correlate with the results of theoretical calculations systems.

Synthesis, characterization and theoretical studies. Among those properties studied are phenomena such as photochromism, fluorescence, the polyelectrolyte effect, and conductivity.

Paulina Viridiana Ceballos Coca.

Our research group is also interested in acrylonitriles derivatives, analyzing their physicochemical properties and supramolecular architectures using X-ray diffraction and the DFT method. He is a high achieving and ambitious researcher whose interest is the applications of computational calculation for supramolecular studies of solid state organic compounds.

Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 1-carboxy 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl ethan aminium bromide 2-ammonio 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl propanoate. She joined the group in Relevant Topics Research is mainly carried out on the synthesis of novel monomers and polymerization processes, thus condensation, via free radicals and currently CRP, which are important for controlled ubap.


She joined at group in ; she is a technician in the characterization of materials. Research is conducted on experimental and theoretical calculations of unconventional materials with low and high molecular weight in order to relate to their physical-chemical properties, to obtain feedback on the design of new compounds and bring them level synthesis and so improve the physical-chemical properties.

The group probe the states of aggregation of colloidal admiision in the presence of polyelectrolytes and multivalent ions. In brief, Hirshfeld surfaces and 2D finger admisin plots are constructed to identify the differences in-between intermolecular interactions and contacts from different crystal structures. The effect of the supramolecular network of Z 4- diphenylamino phenyl pyridinyl – acrylonitrile on the fluorescence 20112 of a single crystal: Paola Guadalupe Gordillo Guerra Ph.

resultados de examen de admision buap pdf – PDF Files

E [ 2-hydroxybenzylidene amino]phenylarsonic acid Schiff base: Paulina studied chemistry at BUAP in She works on the synthesis of different acrylonitrile and imidazole compounds and the analysis of luminescence properties for the application in biomedicine. Synthesis and molecular structure of the 1-phenyl 2-pyridyl ethanol intermediate obtained from the se reaction of 2-picoline and benzaldehyde.

His interest also lies in understanding the phenomena related to the efficiency and stability of the devices. It dee novel compounds including polymers with predetermined chemical structures, especially type o- p- arsanilic, styrilpyridines, Schiff bases, phenylvynilidene, in order to study the optoelectronic properties e. Skip to main content. Admission structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of 1-carboxy 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl ethanaminium chloride 2-ammonio 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl propanoate: Research is mainly carried out on the synthesis of novel monomers and polymerization processes, thus condensation, via free radicals and currently CRP, which are important for controlled processes.

Estimation of Polymer Molecular Mass.

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He is interested in organic electronic devices. Current issues related to changes in the molecular structure of materials, and key exmen questions about everyday phenomena which are not entirely understood, are addressed. The collaboration allowing one to receive students through short residencies of other groups for learning methodologies for df developing of research.

Syntheses, crystal structures andtheoretical calculations. From the scientific work so far, an intense academic activity of members in conferences, seminars and workshops, etc.

The lattice energies of the crystal structures are calculated using the PIXEL method and the energetics of various intermolecular interactions, present in different molecular pair, are quantified.

La Jornada de Oriente Digital Puebla – 16 de Marzo del 2012

Quantitative analysis of intermolecular interactions in 2,2′- 4-bromophenyl methylene bis 3-hydroxy-5,5-dimethylcyclohexenone: The synthesis of low molecular weight compounds functionalized to achieve polymers is carried out, which can be useful as electro-optical sensors, among other applications. This synergy allows us to elucidate structure-property trends leading to prediction of the physicochemical behavior of newly conjugated systems and thereby, prediction of the most appropriate admisuon – application.

He is a high achieving and ambitious researcher whose interest is the synthesis of organic compounds for their application in pharmaceuticals. He joined the group in Her work focused on the synthesis and applications of transition metal complexes used ligands with fluoride composition.

Synthesis, Optical, and Supramolecular Characterization.