Congress of the Philippines Eleventh Congress Third Regular Session REPUBLIC ACT NO AN ACT ORDAINING REFORMS IN THE ELECTRIC POWER. RA The Electric Power Industry Reform Act of AN ACT ORDAINING REFORMS IN Click photo for full PDF Report. EPIRA Pager. Home; Resources; Position Papers; RA – Amending the Electric Power Supply Industry Reform Act of (EPIRA).

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Position Papers

Upon the initial implementation of open access, the ERC shall allow all electricity end-users with a monthly average peak demand of at least one megawatt 1MW for the preceding twelve 12 months to be the contestable market. Thus, impairment of the constitutional guarantee of security of tenure does not arise in the abolition of an office.

Retail Competition and Open Access.

Shortcut for FAQ page. The rates prescribed shall be non-discriminatory. The rates must be such as to allow the recovery of just and reasonable costs and a reasonable return on rate base RORB to enable the entity to operate viably. Debts of Electric Cooperatives. ProvidedThat eira the establishment of the performance standards, the nature and function of the entities shall be considered; and. Energy Regulatory Commission, G.

A public office is created by the Constitution or by law or by an officer or tribunal to which the power to create the office has been delegated by the legislature. KERB made a number of requests: Civil Service laws, rules and regulations, however, will have suppletory application to the extent possible in regard to the selection and placement of employees in the ERC.

The power to fix and regulate the rates or charges pertinent to shipping or transporting of petroleum products shall also be exercised by the Board.

Republic Act No. | DOE | Department of Energy Portal

The ERC may adopt alternative forms of internationally-accepted rate setting methodology as it may deem appropriate. KERB, fearful of the uncertainty of the employment status of its members, filed the present petition on 20 December Marcos issued Presidential Decree No.

The ERC hired an independent consultant to administer the necessary tests for the technical and managerial levels. All notices ea hearings to be conducted by the ERC for the purpose of fixing rates or fees shall be published at least twice for two successive weeks in two 2 newspapers of nationwide circulation.


Republic Act No. 9136

New companies shall implement their respective public offerings not later than five 5 years from the issuance of their certificate of compliance; and. A guide to understanding and implementing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2. However, the ERC now also has to promote competitive operations in the electricity market. The EPIRA organized the industry into four 4 sectors, generation, transmission, distribution and supply. From a legal standpoint, there is no occupant in an abolished office.

No officer or employee in the epra service shall be removed except for a valid cause and after due notice and hearing. Promotion of Consumer Interests. The ERC shall, within sixty 60 days from the effectivity of this Act, promulgate the rules and regulations to implement and effect this provision. Determine, fix, and approve, after due notice and public hearings the universal charge, to be imposed on all electricity end-users pursuant 9316 Section 34 hereof. The ERC shall ensure that all savings realized from the reduction of said mark-ups shall be passed on to all end-users.

The existence of any or some of the following circumstances may be considered as evidence of bad faith in the removals made as a result of reorganization, giving rise to a claim for reinstatement or reappointment by an aggrieved party:.

RA – Amending the Electric Power Supply Industry Reform Act of (EPIRA)

Corollarilythe NPC generating plants have to privatized and its transmission business spun off and privatized thereafter. Apo Geothermal complexes, shall be reviewed by the ERC and the terms thereof amended to remove any hidden costs or extraordinary mark-ups in the cost of power or steam above their true costs. The same is true if one office is abolished and its duties, for reasons of economy are given to an existing officer or office.

A valid cause for removal exists when, pursuant to a bona fide reorganization, a position has been abolished or rendered redundant or there is a need to merge, divide, or consolidate positions in order to meet the exigencies of the service, or 9316 lawful causes allowed by the Civil Service Law.

For this purpose, the ERC shall promulgate rules and regulations prescribing the qualifications of electricity suppliers which shall include, among other requirements, a demonstration of their technical capability, financial capability, and creditworthiness: PSALM was created to take ownership of all existing generation assets, independent power producers IPP contracts, real estate and all other disposable assets, and to assume all liabilities and rx of NPC.


Statement page that will show the available accessibility keys. It shall also perform such other acts as may be necessary or conducive to the exercise of its powers and functions, and the attainment of the purposes of this Order.

In case the rate setting methodology used is RORB, it shall be subject to the following guidelines:. The Public Service Commission PSC had jurisdiction, supervision, and control over all public services, including the electric power service.

As of February 1,of the two hundred twelve ERB employees, one hundred thirty eighty [sic] were rehired and appointed to ERC plantilla positions and sixty six 66 opted to retire or be separated from the rq. The Chairman and members of the Commission shall assume office at the beginning of their terms: Joint Congressional Power Commission.

The ERC shall verify the reasonable amounts and determine the manner and duration for the full recovery of stranded debt and stranded contract costs as defined herein x x x x. Thereafter, several laws were enacted on public utility regulation. Where there is no occupant, there is no tenure to speak of. The law ordains the division of the industry into four 4 distinct sectors, namely: Provided, furtherThat such standards are set to ensure that the electric power industry participants meet the minimum financial standards to protect the public interest.

She stated that Civil Service application form no. The major aspects of the reforms include the 1 restructuring of the entire power industry to introduce competition in the generation sector, 2 change from government to private ownership, and 3 introduction of a stable regulatory framework for the electricity sector.

KERB failed to show any breach of the Constitution. In appropriate cases, the ERC is authorized to issue cease and desist order after due notice and hearing.