Switchvox Extension Owner User Guide. 3. Contents. 1 Overview 8. 2 Setup 9. My Account 9. Voicemail and Web Suite Password 9. Language Setting This article is the guide to all Switchvox articles. Switchvox Appliance E-Series Quick Setup Guide Switchvox Extension User Documentation (/Main). Digium IP Phone User Guide provides info about the setup and use of Digium IP phones when a Digium Configuration Server is not in use.

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A secondary rule could direct calls to voicemail or your mobile phone after a specified number of rings.

The platform already has a connector for Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce apps. Company doesn’t reveal network backbone information. Jeffrey Schwartz is a New York-based freelance journalist covering information technology IT switchvo communications.

Likewise, a Conference Room feature lets any user set up a meeting. Other tools include management of company contacts, rapid dial list, and a tool to develop apps for the Digium phones. It also can run third-party apps such as Google Maps.

The latter issue can be addressed by pulling up the Switchboard tool mentioned earlier. While that’s convenient for the many workers who use Outlook to manage their contacts, even more useful is the context it provides with incoming calls. Digium Switchvox offers a solid set of features and value for those looking swktchvox a provider that offers both hardware phones and VoIP PBX calling services.

That’s further ddigium by the company’s r eticence to share too much about its cloud PBX infrastructure. This provides access to the tool, which lets you upload the final packaged app.

The Switchvox user portal is straightforward. Basic conferencing feature set. Setting up user extensions is typically among the first steps where you can create extensions, modify them, or import them from other systems. Admins can create swifchvox reports or build charts directly in Digium’s UI and output them either to Microsoft Excel or as XML files for easier integration into custom or third-party dashboards.


Digium Switchvox Review & Rating |

It has a 4. Organizations can have combined billing but the two can’t be used in a true hybrid environment, which is more a function of its different switchovx than of the software and the phones.

Reports, Server, Setup, and Tools. Digium has an online tool to test each location, which takes a minute or two. Uuser choose the Conference icon and you can dial in diglum parties. When creating your Call Rules, you could, for example, create a rule that will decline all queue calls while directing all direct calls to voicemail if you’re in do-not-disturb mode.

The phones plug into any digiuk connection that has reliable bandwidth and a standard RJ port in an Ethernet switch. Users may want to keep screen-cleaning spray and a cloth in their desk if they don’t like seeing their fingerprints on the display. Whether you work with a partner or directly with the company, you’ll have a relationship with someone representing Digium, which will make setup easier. A company official would only share that it’s highly survivable, available, and resilient, with It’s easy to configure by inputting the basic information in the Setup wizard.

Employees can manage their voicemail and amnual their own call logs and reports as vigium as set up calling features such as Call Rules, Contacts, and status options you wish to use in your presence indicator. This is due to Digium Switchvox’s limited number of hardware options and its fairly basic video conferencing feature set.

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It would be nice to have that same mobile app act as a desktop softphone, especially if you don’t like to dial from the desk phone. Likewise, since Digium’s phones are also SIP-based, customers could theoretically move them onto another SIP-compatible cloud PBX service, though your mileage may vary depending on how many liberties each vendor has taken with switchvvox standard. Otherwise, the four phones Digium offers should suit most business environments, and the low-end phone offers a nice display and feature set for the price.

Company offers its own phones designed for integration with the service.

Digium Switchvox

The Best Wireless Routers for The Best Tech Gifts for Women. Mitel offers a dozen different SIP phones. We’d like to see Digium pay more attention to its softphone functionality. It also has an embedded dialer, which lets you dial from the desktop, though, if you use Outlook, then you can dial from a contact there as well. In addition to providing switcjvox with customized dashboards, users can create their own widgets as well.

Asterisk, Digium’s parent company, is the sponsor of its namesake open-source UCC framework for developers and the platform that supports both the Switchvox on-premises and cloud PBX services.

It’s also easy to access voice messages and pull up and manage contracts. Outlook and Salesforce plug-ins and extensible API. In the Setup section, an admin can configure converged phones, Digium phones, feature packs, groups, permissions, settings, and users.