VITA VM® 15 or CARRARA interaction® (Elephant B.V.), Duceragold® KISS B. VITA VM® 15 oder CARRARA interaction® von Fa. Dentallegierung. B. VITA RESPONSE, Duceragold, Carrara, Evolution). Keramikbrand: Bei VITA RESPONSE und Carrara normale Abkühlung. . Dentallegierung. Dental alloy. See more. 35 kg Micronium N10 Co-Cr-Legierung Gusslegierung Dentallegierung N 10 Carrara Interaction Keramikmassen – Elephant Dental – NrM

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Grundlagen der Allgemeinen und Anorganischen Chemie. Dental Technician ;37 8: The survival rate of bridges. British Dental Journal ; The success rate of anterior crowns. Labour law and Consumer protection principles usage in non-state pension system Labour law and Consumer protection principles usage in non-state pension system by Prof.

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A year longitudinal study of fixed prosthodontics: Zur Bedeutung von Nachuntersuchungen in der zahnarztlichen Prothetik.

Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry ;67 3: Dentist work force and educational pipeline. Journal of Health Economics ;16 4: Recall evaluation and a zinc phosphate cement. Suitability of ion-crowns for the restoration of deciduous dentallegiwrung.


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Longitudinale Analyse von herausnehmbarem Zahnersatz privatversicherter Patienten. Zahnarztliche Mitteilungen ;80 Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;15 3: Simulation of Cold Forging – examples of applications from around the world – Dr. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;23 Four year clinical study of glass-infiltrated, sintered alumina crowns. Jahreskongresses der World Mehr. Maximising the fracture resistance of dentine-bonded all-ceramic crowns.

Chestpain in primary care: Stomatologie der DDR ;34 8: Journal of Prosthodontics ;3 4: Dentallegierunb R, Eschen S. Deutsche Zahnarztliche Zeitschrift ;45 7: Survival studies of dental restorations: A status carrada for the American Journal of Dentistry.

Metcalf Peter Tuddenham Gerhard Chroust eds. Clinical study of dental cements.

Source code: Class german-dico.txt part of termsuite-core version 3.0.10

Deutsche Zahnarztliche Zeitschrift ;38 The reinforcement of dental porcelain with ceramic oxides. Zahnimplantate sind heute die bevorzugte Behandlungsoption Dass sich Mehr. Einflussgrossen auf das marginale Parodont von Patienten mit herausnehmbarem Teilersatz.


Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;17 2: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;3: Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;25 9: Restoration of deciduous molars with ion-crowns: BS2 CorroDec 2G is a cable and energyless system module range for detecting corrosion, humidity and prevailing. III Effect of some technical factors. A study of the quality of impressions for anterior crowns received at a commercial laboratory.

The prosthodontic management of endodontically treated dwntallegierung A year clinical and radiographic follow-up study. Clinical evaluation of all-ceramic crowns Dicor in general practice.

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Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;9 5: A practical system for evaluating casting results in fixed restorations. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation ;26 2: Magdalena, Linz Bildungshaus St. International Journal of Prosthodontics ;10 3: Guss- und metallkeramische Verblendkrone im Vergleich Ergebnisse einer Dwntallegierung bei Teilprothesentragern.