La Cour suprême de Côte d’Ivoire est l’instance la plus élevée de l’appareil de justice du pays. Elle connaît des recours exercés contre les arrêts rendus par les . Principes Fondamentaux d’Indentification du Droit Applicable . La Cour Constitutionnelle du Bénin exerce effectivement les pouvoirs qui lui sont . de Justice et d’Arbitrage (CCJA) dont le siège est à Abidjan en Côte d’Ivoire. en après plusieurs décennies d’application simultanée du droit civil hérité de la. The Law. International Sources of Law Applicable in Côte d’Ivoire ASSI ESSO (A. M), «Précis de droit civil ivoirien: les personnes – la famille» col.

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Along with the constitution, CI also sought to establish a set of ideals which would characterize the nation as a whole. Despite the fact that CI has been autonomous and sovereign since its independence, the effects of colonial conquest have not completely disappeared.

The second, the Court of Assize, is competent to judge the highest and most severe levels of crime.

It is composed of seven judges elected for seven years, renewable once. These normative decisions made by the French, through their establishment of overseas territories and colonies, were implemented from the settlement of the Gold Coast in until independence in This principle is characterized not only by the existence of various components of governmental power, but also by the organization of these components into distinct branches of government, independent of each other: Your list has reached the maximum number of items.

The principle of full applicability of general characteristic rules was extended to several categories of texts due to jurisprudential practice. This equilibrium is realized under the Ivorian constitution by both the requirement of the Executive to inform the National Assembly of its actions, [29] and the power of the National Assembly to charge the President and members of the government for crimes committed.

The Ivorian juridical system has been materially enhanced over time, as all the judicial structures set out in Article 71 of the Constitution are subject to change through legislation.

Précis de droit civil ivoirien : les personnes, la famille (Book, ) []

Applicable full right laws were grouped into several categories by P. Such a hypothesis should allow really setting up a State under the rule of law, based on the uniqueness of rules and procedures in the treatment of disputes. The President of the Republic appoints individuals for Superior civil and military employment.


This colony was integrated into the French Western Organization AOF [6] system, following the status of overseas territory conferred by Article 60 as well as other articles from the French Constitution of October 27 th In such a case, the President of Republic is tried by the High Justice Court, which is composed of deputies and chair by the President of the Cassation Court [16].

Moreover the candidate must be Ivorian by origin, with father and mother Ivorian by origin as well. The President is elected for a five year term, renewable once. These conventions also introduce the metropolitan legislation into the Ivorian judiciary order.

Accueil الإستقبال

Organic laws can be promulgated only after the Constitutional Council has declared that these laws are in conformity with the Constitution. The mode of election varies according to the number of seats to be filled in that election cycle. The state is located in western sub-Saharan Africa and is member of the African Union. This is the case with the Franco-Ivorian cooperation agreement related to High school signed April 24, If there are several seats to fill, the one coours list with blocked majority without preferential vote applies.

They may use written questions or oral argumentation with debate, or organize commissions of inquiry which allow the Assembly to understand and examine cousr, enterprises, or public organizations [31] in order to make decisions.

Cours sur la nationalité en langue arabe pour les futurs juristtes

The dispute of municipal elections is also the domain of the administrative chamber of the Supreme Court. It was chosen in order to simplify procedures. Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items.

When there is one seat to fill, the uninominal mode is used, with one round of voting by majority rule. The government, which holds the executive power as set out in the Constitution, holds its legitimacy through the fundamental principles of the State such as the republican, indivisible, non-religious, democratic and social characteristics. Preview this item Preview this item. The first step is related to the first constitution of March 28, The nation is organized into non-permanent jurisdictions, permanent jurisdictions, and arbitral jurisdictions.


The crisis has also affected the presidential system instituted by the constitutional reform of The role of the constitutional council is on one hand to guarantee the constitutional separation of powers while maintaining equilibrium between these powers, and on the other hand to guarantee the legality of the devolvement and the exercise of power.

Cour suprême (Côte d’Ivoire)

The Ivorian legal system is based on the Constitution, a one-sided act, by-product of the will of the State from which is derived the entire Ivorian system of laws, as well as rights for all inhabitants and other legal subjects. There first stage was the colonial period, during which the system was based on the French constitutional organization; the second stage began during decolonization, with the adoption of an autonomous legal system.

The consequence of this event was the establishment of the legal status of the Ivorian State through a constitution which set out the procedures for the creation of laws and the cicil of power and authority over the independent territory.

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The judge made fully applicable the customary legislation in A. As indicated by Lampue, theses texts are those which, outside the constitution, organize the government, set general competency rules for public power, and set the functioning conditions of central organs clurs actions impact the whole state.

It is also a consultative and notice organ. Darest in his treaty of colonial law of He is responsible for setting national policy and is the head of the administration. The chief of the executive serves also as an embodiment of national unity, [32] chief of the administration, [33] and supreme chief of armies, [34] as well as guarantor of the independence of the judiciary.