Download Citation on ResearchGate | Complicaciones de la cirugía tiroidea | En este articulo se El uso de drenajes en el lecho operatorio de la tiroidectomia es controvertido, razon por la cual se Experiencia clínica en tiroidectomía total. Complicaciones más frecuentes; Hipocalcemia transitoria % – a seis meses; Hipocalcemia definitiva – 5% – post-tireidectomia total. Por lo tanto, después de la extirpación total de la tiroides y la ablación, los niveles de tiroglobulina en la sangre deberán ser muy bajos o.

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A prospective randomized clinical study. Reduces complications such as hypocalcaemia 35 and is equally safe with respect to haemorrhage and voice changes.

To avoid the bias involved in the organisation of a unit specialising in thyroid and parathyroid surgery, we did not include the first patients intervened by the same surgeon in the period — The ottal of surgical time which enables more patients to be complicaclones at the same time and of complications and patient discomfort such as paininvolve a shorter hospital stay.

The incidence of complications observed is shown in Table 3.

Cir Esp, 77pp. Conclusions The Ultracision Harmonic scalpel system is the technique of choice for thyroid surgery. Head and Neck ; A prospective randomized controlled study. The management of differentiated thyroid cancer in Europe in Failure to identify the recurrent nerve increased the risk of paralysis in both groups Table 4.

For descriptive purposes, patients are shown grouped as those without risk factors, with one or 2 risk factors or with more than 2 risk factors. Of suffering 1 or more complications. Influencing factors include the type of thyroid disease thyroid cancer, Graves disease, hyperthyroidismcomorbidity, 25 technique reoperation, total thyroidectomy or association with lymphadenectomythyroid extension volume, gland weight, substernal extension, invasion of adjacent structures and the experience of the surgical team.


Cir Esp, 69pp. Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. Langenbecks Arch Surg,pp. Objective To compare the complications tiroidectoomia total thyroidectomy using traditional techniques ligation and electrocoagulation, including LigaSure compared to the exclusive use of the Ultracision Harmonic scalpel, performing dissection, cutting and hemostasis simultaneously.

Ann R Coll Surg Engl, 91pp. Reduces the volume of bleeding. Am Surg, 75pp.

Medical City Frisco Loading mins. Outpatient copmlicaciones surgery is safe and desirable. Results of an international survey. LigaSure and Harmonic haemostasis systems have represented a significant breakthrough in thyroid surgery and the works published in recent years are directed towards comparison of ocmplicaciones with respect to the traditional techniques of vascular ligation and electrocoagulation, 11,32,33 considered as the reference interventions.

Haemorrhage has been one of the most frequent, serious complications in thyroidectomy, which is not only affected by the technical precision but also by other factors such as vomiting, 21 coughing, 30,31 arterial hypertension, treatment with antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs, technique employed complete lymph node dissection, total thyroidectomy tiroidcetomia partial thyroidectomy, reoperation and thyroid disease hyperthyroidism, Graves—Basedow disease, malignant tumours, substernal extension of goitre.

Postoperative complications of total thyroidectomy for multinodular goiter in the National Cancer Institute.


Both the time employed on the surgical technique and the average hospital stay were also significantly lower in group B. Normalmente, el procedimiento tarda entre 2 y 4 horas. The reduction in group B of cases with superficial haematoma or ecchymosis, granulomas, recurrent paralysis, permanent hypoparathyroidism and wound infection was not statistically significant. LigaSure vs Clamp-and-Tie technique to achieve hemostasis in total thyroidectomy for benign multinodular goiter: Medicamentos anticoagulantes como clopidogrel Plavixwarfarina Coumadin o ticlopidina Ticlid.

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Definition of Terms Used. AMES prognostic index and extent of thyroidectomy for well-differentiated thyroid cancer in the United States. ANZ J Surg, 79pp. Acta Endocrinol Copenh ; Since Octoberno patient has required ICU stay.

Tiroidectomía | Medical City Frisco

Table 1 shows the characteristics of the sample. A randomized, prospective, parallel group study comparing the harmonic scalpel to electrocautery in thyroidectomy. Table 1 shows the characteristics of the sample. Both groups were homogeneous with respect to distribution by age, gender, risk factors, benign or malignant thyroid disease and surgical technique employed. Mishra A, Mishra SK. Thyroidectomy using the harmonic scalpel: Endocrinol Nutr, 53pp. We had no mortality in this study.

The minimum follow-up period was 6 months, to confirm or rule out persistent sequelae. With complete lymph node dissection. This was a retrospective, descriptive, non-randomised comparative study on patients who underwent total thyroidectomy by the same otolaryngologist surgeon between January and May