Beating the Caro Kann by Vassilios – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. I guess learning the caro-kann may help you beat it so /__Beating-the-Caro-Kann-_Kotronias_pag. Vassilios Kotronias is a chess grandmaster and former Greek Champion. He is a key member of the Greek team as both a player and coach. On the international.

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A recent game is Onishuk-Matlakov. See details for additional description. You can’t really get a slow position if White wants to launch all his kingside pawns! Will you become a CM? Most positional move here is Nc6 after c5 which bring kltronias new piece and attack the pawn chain base and the center.

Vasilios Kotronias – Wikipedia

Or I could choose to stop 5. Perhaps you could try My record against it is pretty even, but it tends to suck out my soul during development. This lead to a kotroniax things after bishop b5, Knight e7, but after moving the queen and castle queenside the position is pretty quiet.

Grandmaster Repertoire 11 – Beating 1. However, I am having one heck of a time busting this opening and turning it into something that has effective play for White.

Grandmaster Repertoire 4 – The English Opening vol.


Beating the Caro-Kann

Maxwell86 4, 1 11 Chess Paperback Books in German. Best Selling in Other Books See all.

Challenging the Nimzo-Indian by David Vigorito. Post as a guest Name. Mark all topics as READ. Any advice is more than welcome. Experts vs the Sicilian 2nd edition by Aagaard and Shaw.

Nc3 the black pawn is still on c Untitled by Reese WitherspoonHardcover 5.

Usually, in the Caro-Kann, black is happy tye exchange these bishops, therefore I didn’t consider this move. Nc6 and a delayed Bf5. I found this as well http: Sign up using Email and Password. Mayhem in the Morra by Marc Esserman. I can’t answer your question but thanks for posting this: Combine it with a quick Bb4 and suddenly White must display some imagination in coming up with an attack plan.

In the game Greet-Drozdovskij, black seemed to be doing fine.

The King’s Gambit by John Shaw. Whose Boat Is This Boat? I have this variation in my repertoire, and I like it – the results are also within the acceptable range.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Grandmaster Repertoire 3 – The English Opening vol.

Beating the Caro-Kann (Kotronias)

Grandmaster Opening Preparation by Jaan Ehlvest. Sign up using Facebook. Log In or Join. No PayPal account needed. Thank you for your time and thanks for posting! If this is not to your taste, follow up with c5 and Nc6, maybe even h5, and suddenly White must have some fear xaro his beloved d4 pawn may lose its balance.


Vasilios Kotronias

You may also like. Thanks for the suggestion of Grandmaster Repertoire 5 – The English Opening vol. Pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. The Pirc Defence by Mihail Marin.

If you want to make progress, don’t work on the parts where you feel comfortable, work on your weaknesses! Nf3 and after Nge2 Qh4 Yes, this is indeed a possible move which can throw White off guard – it obviously attacks that naughty pawn on g4, prevents a further h4 and puts some immediate pressure on f2. The most popular reply is 5. That’s possible, but White doesn’t achieve much. Chess Paperback Books in Russian. I’m a Elo player that likes positional, quiet, drawish, slow, boring and strategic openings.

In order to make a choice not necessarily from these two ideas, but in generalyou can look for some grandmaster games to see which variations lead to which type of positions. What is the most important thing you did to improve in chess? Chess Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Playing the Queen’s Gambit by Lars Schandorff.