(Banewreaker! He wreaks banes!) But the novel itself, Jacqueline Carey’s fourth and the first volume in a diptych titled The Sundering, is an often powerful piece. 28 Aug BANEWREAKER (Tor, ) and GODSLAYER (Tor, ) by Jacqueline Carey. Someone once said that the villain is the hero of the other. When the unknown is made known, when the lost weapon is found, when the marrow-fire is quenched and Godslayer is freed, when a daughter of Elterrion.

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We begin with Lord Satoris, the Banewreaker, who refused his brother-god called Shapers here a request to withdraw fertility from humans.

Banewreaker – Wikipedia

Lord Satoris forgave this crime, gave him sanctuary and immortal life, and has been nothing but kind to him Amazing characters and storyline. Feb 12, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: I heartily, highly recommend this book to anyone looking for something a bit more real in their fantasy reading, something a bit more human, more grey, and only heartily recommend it to others.

Instead of being asked to identify with the supposed heroes, the reader is asked to find understanding, sympathy, and empathy for a wicked god and his generals, his savage bwnewreaker, a wicked hanewreaker, and a fearsome dragon. Honestly, the story was 4 almost 5 stars but because Ms.

There are a lot of interesting characters, too, despite the derivative plot — the Three immortal servants of Satoris are pretty interesting, but especially Ushahin, with his adoption by the Were and his double heritage.

Martyr of the Roses You and You Alone Here is a philosophical demi-god unto whom was made an unreasonable request – to withdraw his gift – the urge to procreate – from the race of Mankind – and who denied, at the cost of his Gift itself, all the regard of all the races, and the wrath of his siblings.


Rather, Carey presents both sides of this conflict as having nothing but the sincerest convictions concerning the rightness of their actions. This Book’s Snack Rating: The eldest, turning the other shapers against the youngest, made war. It’s inspired, and if you know that you can pick out the similarities, but you probably wouldn’t notice the parallels until looking for them.

She can’t carry the elevated writing style that usually characterizes epics and she spends too much time on the thoughts of each character, when really she should be weaving plot lines together. Where the Dark Lord Himself is less ‘bent on controlling the world’ and more sees himself as a figure for freedom from his over-bearing ‘bro This book is fantastically interesting, and continues my love affair with the work of Jacqueline Carey.

And the wonderful grey area continues to spread throughout the book.

Who should read this? See this thread for more information. Banewreaker is the unexplored potential of Tolkien’s mythopoeia, a continuation of the grand legacy in a more profound and original manner of subversion more suited to the modern sensibilities.

Banewreaker Description

It’s mastubatory and that drives me nuts, this is a book which is proud of it’s own cleverness, and wants to stand up with Chrettiene de Troyes and Lord Dunsany but lacks spark and replaces it with a heavy thesaurus. I guess in that sense maybe it maybe reads as more realist than fantasy books generally do.


Banewreaker is set in Urulat, a world based on J. She likes having pretty things and pretty people around her. Men were not content, but made war upon the Ellylon, in ever increasing numbers. Near-black, the one, its pupil fixed wide; the other waxed and waned like the moon, set in a pale, crazed iris. It’s totally incredible how each banewfeaker are weaved like an intricate tapestry.

There is a magic in this book, deeper and filled with tragic undertones that wrings the heart. His weapons hung about him like boulders on the verge of avalanche; he hoisted one, a sharp-pointed mace, in salute as he stood aside.

Banewreaker Sample Chapter

It’s not often that you see an author flip the script as well as Carey has done here. That’s as many as I can bear to think of but it just gets more and more flagrant the longer the book carries on.

Well, I don’t know about that as I have no interest in LOTR, but it was a very good story with dragons, sorceresses and sorcerers, gods and immortals, races of men and other creatures shaped by Gods.

Carey’s lush, ornate prose was perfectly suited to this story. Banewreaker Banewrdaker Chapter jacqueline T Even the windows opened onto darkness, and the night sky. But it also raises interesting questions regarding morality, fate, loyalty and honor and love and hatred.