Athenagoras was a late 2nd century Christian apologist who wrote a defense of Christianity called _A Plea for the Christians_. It’s contents are revealing of what. A Plea For the Christians. By Athenagoras the Athenian: Philosopher and Christian. To the Emperors Marcus Aurelius Anoninus and Lucius Aurelius. A Plea for the Christians [Athenagoras of Athens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Athenagoras (c. – c. AD) was a Father of the.

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They explain the castration athfnagoras the myth] as intercourse between male and female, which cuts off’ the sperm and casts it into the womb and begets a human being who has sexual desire i.

For you think it impious and wicked to believe in no god at all; and you hold it necessary for everyone to worship the gods he pleases, so that they may be kept from wrongdoing by fear of the divine.

But for them to share in one and christinas same being is impossible, since, if they shared the same godhead, they would be alike; but because gods are uncreated they cannot be alike. Such being his nature, deservedly did he go mad, and deservedly did he light the funeral pile and burn himself to death. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Of the Pugilists and Gladiators. But those who are convinced that God will look into everything and that the body which has aided the soul in its unreasonable lusts and passions will be punished along with athenagogas, they have no good reason to commit even the slightest sin.

It stands behind the sanctuary and extends the whole length of its wall.

A Plea for the Christians

The Athenagofas are Hated Unjustly. They are guided by this alone — to know the true God and his Word, to know the unity of the Father with the Son, the fellowship of the Father with the Son, what the Spirit is, what unity exists between these three, the Spirit, the Son, and the Father, and what is their distinction in unity. For it does not comport with ofr justicethat others when charged with crimes should not be punished till they are convicted, but that in our case the name we bear should have more force than the evidence adduced on the trial, when the judges, instead of inquiring whether the person arraigned have committed any crime, vent their insults on the name, as if that were itself a crime.


Athejagoras from Scripture 9.

For I call even men rude and stupid who give way to anger and grief. Homer, for instance, says, “Oceanus, the father of the gods and Tethys their mother.

Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol II: ATHENAGORAS: A Plea for the Christians |

Only the spirit of God will then remain. Vindication of Christian Women. He asserts that they owed their origin to water: We cannot, therefore, disbelieve the sons of gods even though they speak without plausible and convincing proofs.

We too affirm that he who arranged this universe is God. Zeus bound his father and cast him into Tartarus, just as Ouranos did to his sons. Thus, athenagorxs he reserved for himself the universal and general providence over everything, the angels exercise a particular providence over the parts entrusted to them. So we have given up such spectacles. The mighty father both of gods and men Was filled with wrathand from Olympus’ top With flaming thunderbolt cast down and slew Christianw well-lov’d son — such was his ire.

It is in this lake that the Egyptians at night perform representations of his passion, which they refer to as mysteries. He was from Athens and he was a convert to Christianity.

See Plato, Republic 2. The image of Artemis in Ephesus, the one of Athena or rather of Athela, [] for that is what those who speak in a more mystic fashion call her, and that was the name of the ancient statue made of oliveand another of Athena seated, are the work of Endoeus, a pupil of Daedalus. Christkans Asclepius, Christian writes: According to our laws, each of us thinks of the woman he has married as his wife only for the purpose of bearing children.

They dwelt with men and one of them was always supreme. His Apology is the best defence of the Christians produced in that age. This can be seen in the rest of the letter, which goes on to address the behavior of Christians in refuting the charges of cannablism and incest. For, a thing is either uncreated and eternalor created and perishable.

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If, then, he neither does anything nor exercises providential care, and if there is not another place in which he is, then this Being of whom we speak is the one God from the beginning, and the sole Maker of the world.

But if, on the contrary, each of them exists separately, since He that made the world is above the things created, and about the things He has made and set in order, where can the other or the rest be?

For God did not make us like sheep and oxen, a bywork to perish and be done away with. And to all these both you and the laws give permission so to act, deeming, on the one hand, that to believe in no god at all is impious and wickedand on the other, that it is necessary for each man to worship the gods he prefers, in order that through fear of the deity, men may be kept from wrong-doing.

And in what are the gods superior to matter, since they derive their constitution from water?

CHURCH FATHERS (13) – Athenagoras of Athens | O Clarim in English

Whereupon Earth in her rage gave birth to the Titans. Pavao, All Rights Reserved. Thus Antinous, through the benevolence of your ancestors towards their subjects, came to be regarded as a god. But even wisdom is ensnared by christizns.

How, then, in the light of this and of the fact that we shall be called to account for even our thoughts, can it be doubted that we exercise self-control? His very important work is Legatio Pro Christianis A plea for Christians a work where he answered, using reason and philosophical skills, some common objections to Christianity common at his time, of course.