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Iraqi media house noted that one of the crucial factors in determining the features of press in Iraq advertising market, is the Broker, qssabah controls the process of selling advertisements, determination of percentage of commission, what newspapers that would get the ads, as well as controlling the quantities of allocated ads. The report showed also that newspapers which own websites are 47 out of 59, and newspapers that publish their content using PDF format are 19 out of Some ministries try to put pressure on independent newspapers through ads, if a newspaper prwss to discuss corruption dossiers or mismanagement in one of the ministries, that ministry would prevent the newspaper from its ads, on another word the ministry fights the newspaper by ads.

To solve such problem there should be a governmental authority belongs to the General Secretariat of Council of Ministers, takes the responsibility of distributing ads by taking into consideration specifying a wider space for central newspapers, while commercial ads solution achieved by Iraqi economy recovery. Physics Approving Statutory Body: French press was freed of monopolism and guardianship, as some newspapers used to pay a sum of money in exchange for implicit statements guarantee the waiver by authorities for part of it.

Skip to toolbar Sites at Penn State. Brokers do not rely on the prevalence or comply with the conditions set by the assabsh and issued by the Ministry of Planning inwhich imposes the distribution of governmental advertisements on national newspapers, which are distributed throughout Iraq and have a popularity within the country, for example, the majority of declarations issued by Iraqi courts published in Newspapers’ suffering is not limited to role of Brokers, as a number of officials reduce the wages of ads while they are supposed to be increased in order to match the level of inflation that took place in Iraq during the last years, like rising of paper price and salaries of journalists.

The Committee works in coordination with the concerned authorities to cancel the role of Broker in regards to governmental institutions ads, and ensure the granting the share of ads and funds to the newspapers directly without a third party.

Based on previous data, the monitoring process of newspaper ads in their websites faced obstacles in relation to quality of those sites, their updates, and the PDF form availability; and the observation outcomes included the following numerical data: Prep Tests Online Courses. Press between investor power and independence international experiences.

The Broker, ‘first man’ in advertisement market Reliance on advertising prevents the development of media, it led to an elimination of important media projects such as ‘Nahdha newspaper’ and pdess online news agency and others who failed to hold out, for not being able to get ads and thus lost their source of funding.

There is a major crisis in ads provision for newspapers, because of the absence of commercials ads in Iraq, which considered ad primary funding source for global newspapers and whole media means. assanah

AASC-Assabah Arts And Science College

English Approving Statutory Body: Prospects in paper press crisis. Each Minister participates in successive governments tries to send advertisements to media institutions affiliate his party, therefore independent newspapers could not cope with the current situation, as well as Iraqi ministries decided this year after adopting the budget to reduce advertisements rates to minimum level. prses


Proudly powered by WordPress. To review the first report: Niny ended up spending a year in jail, and was released in the April of The advancement of paper press necessitates the presence of sponsors of independence and permanence, as well as steady law fortifies media institutions including their cadre from political and partisan monopolism and censorship, in order to build a national independent media according to professional standards.

The financial crisis indicates the mismanagement in distributing governmental advertising, and an obvious lack of advertising materials obtained by newspapers from businesses and private sector resource. Paper media future is still ambiguous, controversial, and unsettled, especially with continues demand by different classes of society, what helps making efforts by famous local and global media institutions to enhance the paper press market and adapt the various conditions which are considered as fundamental factors in the decline of paper media, including: Brokers usually blackmail the newspapers and impose a certain commission ratio, for example, 30 percent of the value of ads, with the condition that the newspaper signs the contract for a receipt of percent of ads value.

Chemistry Approving Statutory Body: Private Un-Aided Specialized in: The outcomes shows a large gap between Iraqi newspapers in accordance to variation of ads proportions they obtain according to different circumstances, including the reasons which will be highlighted in this survey, Broker’s role, newspaper’s prevalence capability, and string of ties controls the ads distribution outlets.

Iraqi media house recommends to end any preferential treatment by the state institutions in their advertisements in favour of “Assabah” newspaper, that is funded by the state, on the rest of newspaper account, and dealing with any generalization issued by any government institution specifies the advertising for a specific newspaper, including ”Assabah”, as a kind of an administrative and financial corruption, that should be prosecuted.

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Encourage employer Rpess thousands of recruiters to make informed decision to visit your campus. Al-Massae became the most popular newspaper prezs Morroco in after Al Jazeera, a popular television channel in that region, named it as such. The ad pages sum compared to the total number of pages during the monitoring period: From the past experiences it becomes clear that, for an independent and continuous media sake, media institutions in some European countries resorted to create mergers between key stakeholders in newspapers and general media, like traders and prese of many international companies in several terms of reference, thereby forming large media empires, by establishing clusters composed of the stakeholders as shareholders in financing media, as well as traditional sources of funding, such as ads, subscriptions, sales returns of newspapers, and other advertised services.

German newspapers, or rather media, are classified into “public and private” sectors; The private sector is funded by shareholders prezs which must show and explain their sources; while public official media is funded by the state, from tax and fees paid for ownership of T.

Most of those Brokers are employees in ministries, and they are part of the administrative and financial corruption which suffered by Iraqi ministries. Do you really assabwh that content of this section should improve?

Judicial notifications, condolences, messages of thanks, and reports of lost personal documents reached Science Approving Statutory Body: The survey adopted monitoring the daily newspapers that is published on the websites in “PDF” form, during the period specified above.

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Newspapers and television stations can be independent of the government, but that does not mean that there will be no consequences for the way the public sector is covered. One of the most important reasons for the decline of printed press is the internet, as the enormous technical development of the Digital press, ”or online journalism” includes a variety of news in wider areas, some of them arrive to reader for free, which reduces the need to purchase Gazette, also online media websites include news movies that spread quickly and sometimes instantaneously anywhere in the world, what makes the community more inclined to follow-up the online press other than waiting for newspaper which is published in a certain time, specific space, and limited ability in delivering facts.

Iraqi Media House calls the Iraqi parliament for making a dialogue way with media institutions and organizations in Iraq, to issue a series of laws for regulating media work, protect journalists, provide free flow of information, and protect paper press of extinction risk. Ads of foreign oil companies, international organizations, telecommunication companies, as well as local businesses and channels, in addition to other commercial interests occupied Additionally, Brokers play a role in controlling some ads related to governmental tenders, by publishing them in certain newspapers, then buy all copies of those newspapers to prevent the spread of tender news in order to turn it to a particular contractor, that is by an agreements made by the contractor, Broker, and newspaper administrationthen the Contractor takes copies of the newspapers and submit them to the concerned ministry, as he meets the governmental conditions mentioned in the ad of tender.

Over the past ten years pessimistic forecasts on printed press crisis were continued by professionals and researchers in journalism field, which acknowledges its demise in the near future, justifying that for several reasons vary according to difference in societies. Newspapers, which did not get any ads during observatory period: And no solution to this problem for the time being, just by relying on commercial advertising of private sectors, while there is no robust economic activities or investments, therefore it is rare to find companies that advertise for their products through newspapers.

Just email your content along with college name and section on support youth4work. He turns to a difficult value in advertising market, as an advertising resource for newspapers, which should obey his conditions and options for ads distribution ratios. Niny wrote a few articles detailing the negative side of the Moroccan government and paid for it by spending time in jail and paying the fines with his own money.

This paints the landscape of media in Morocco. It is worth mentioning that after German unification, media ownership in eastern Germany has turned to private sector and West Germany has contributed in its ownership, which led to a significant increase in sales of newspapers in western Germany, according to the requirements of Eastern German market.

Joint Committee could consider the establishment of a “National Public” distribution company for paper publications in Iraq, that is conducted through a partnership between the state and civil society organizations concerned with public information. Al-Massae founder, Rachid Niny. Of overall demands of the campaign. University Grants Commission Management Name: