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Anatomia, Patologia y Terapia. The mandibular body includes the lower teeth with their respective alveolar processes. The incidence of the overlap was Initially, the simple presence or absence of an oblique line was assessed.

Cienc Odontol Bras ;7: Rev Odonto Cienc ; Defects ranging in depth from 1 to 2 mm were not visible in the radiographs. Considering the results obtained in the present study, it is possible to affirm odontoloyica the overlap of the oblique line over the alveolar crest images in the mandibular molar region represented a significant part of the analyzed sample.

Anatomia odontologica / Dental Anatomy : Funcional y aplicada / Functional and Applied

Acta Palicada Croat ; Figures 2a to 2d illustrate specimens with 1, 2, 3 and 4 AF, respectively. Two calibrated observers examined each radiograph.

Of the radiographs showing an overlapthe incidence of an overlap was However, SEM was able to identify a greater number of foramina in SEM was able to reveal 1 to 4 AF for the root canals seen on radiographs, while radiographs themselves revealed only 1 or 2 AF. It odontolobica not possible to access the canals and hence the AF in only one specimen.

A well-done radiographic projection in periapical impact assessment makes it possible to evaluate the position of the marginal alveolar bone as well as the bone destruction patterns of periodontal disease. The oblique line was observed in out of the periapical radiographs April 28, Accepted: Results The obtained results showed that the oblique line was detected in radiographs, representing The purposes of this study were to assess radiographically the number of canals of the buccal root of maxillary h premolars with longitudinal buccal sulcus, and to compare the number of apical foramina AF found on radiographs to that revealed by scanning electron microscopy SEM.


Many teeth exhibited a great number of easily identifiable small-sized foramina, which were not considered in the study. The disadvantage of this technique is the two-dimensionality of the image, which does not permit in-depth visualization, i.

Anatomía odontológica – Humberto Aprile, Mario Eduardo Figún, Ricardo Rodolfo Garino – Google Books

However, it is sometimes projected at the cervical third and can even overlap the alveolar crests, complicating the interpretation of periodontal disease 5. According to Freitas et al. The oblique line is considered a reinforcement and dissi- pation line of the mandible efforts.

A water-cooled carborundum disc was used to section mm of the apical portion of the buccal root perpendicularly to the long axis of the tooth.

When roots bifurcated in the apical third, the specimens apliicada one single buccal canal up to the point of bifurcation and two distinct orontologica from that point on.

Primeiro molar superior

Anatomia individual dos dentes. The periapical radiograph is commonly used in dental practice 11although sophisticated imaging resources used to complement the diagnosis of oral alterations, such as digital radiographs and cone-beam computed tomography, are now available.

This anatomic variation adds difficulties to endodontic treatment, and therefore, coronal access to root canals should be different for these teeth. The periapical radiograph is odnotologica an essential resource in the clinical practice of various dental specialties.


Figun garino anatomia odontologica funcional aplicada arborvitae – derlows

The results of this study are relevant because the radiographic imaging method is widely reported in the literature for investigation of internal dental anatomy In an individual analysis of each of the sites mentioned, an interference of the oblique line over the alveolar crest in the first molar mesial was observed in only one radiograph 0.

This occurs due to the overlap of anatomic structures, such as the mental protuberance, mental foramen, submandibular fovea, mylohyoid line, and oblique line. Braz Dent J ;2: A buccal longitudinal sulcus in the maxillary 1st premolar is usually accompanied by total bifurcation Out of the The periapical radiograph is undoubtedly the most commonly utilized imaging resource in dental practice due to its low cost, relatively simple equipment, easy acquisition, and straightforward interpretation of images All of the unidentified radiographs were placed in plastic assemblies to be analyzed on the same viewer with the aid of a 3x magnifying glass.

Morphologic characteristics of root canals in upper and lower premolars.

Therefore, access should have a triangular shape, with the base of the triangle on the anatimia side, similar to the access shape for maxillary molars.