The Albin Counter-Gambit, as suggested by its name, is employed by the black pieces. Any gambit is an initial sacrifice offered normally by white in the opening . I play the Albin-Counter Gambit. Just getting that straight. If you guys see any way to destruct the Albin-Counter Gambit, go ahead. This is the Albin-Counter. Early Divergences — 3 Marshall vs Duras, (D08) Queen’s Gambit Declined, Albin Counter Gambit, 39 moves, 1//2. A Karu vs Keres,

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I believe it was obvious, since it’s called: Black’s playing aggressively but White solves the problems. Sign up cointer Email and Password. The Lasker Trap is notable because it is rare to see an underpromotion in practical play. Ra1 is a terrible blunder.

I would seriously doubt any counetr who suggest a basicly unsound but perhaps playable opening like the Albins counter gambit to someone who has to learn the fundaments of chess openings first. For some reason this opening really suits my skill-set and chess understanding, so I can’t help but explore it.


Chess Corner – Albin Counter-Gambit Opening

But g3 is correct in my very limited estimation!! Perhaps White’s surest try for an advantage is to fianchetto his king bishop with 5.

Declining the gambit Not really. Although this opening was originally played by Cavallotti against Salvioli at the Milan tournament ofit takes its name from Adolf Albinwho played it against Emanuel Lasker in New York Oct 13, The Amazing Albin Counter-Gambit.

Nc6 Black’s pieces fly into the game putting pressure on White’s position from a very early stage. Extremely complicated line A 1. Often White will try to return the pawn at an opportune moment to gain a positional advantage. Supposedly the best way to meet this is Nge7 6.

Are you talking about move 4, or do you play 4.

The Amazing Albin Counter-Gambit

Henris does give 5, Nd2 an entire section. Here are dounter more samples with the same 10 first moves. Here’s another interesting game in that line: To tell you the truth, there is another product by ChessBase, authored by Trent which is really worth having: A Hodges vs Marshall. J Esser vs Olland. Back to the main line, the ghastly Nf3 and Black continues with A Schwarz vs Albin.


Albin Countergambit – Wikipedia

I’d much rather play the black side of that. Maintaining a closed position Well, considering White aggressively played 1. I also see 6. Ra5 Is Chess on an Infinite Plane silvertruck – Wind vickalan 14 min ago. The quiz section is made up of 15 video clips, with feedback. In any of the games we play, a master could win either side on any move as long as the game isn’t blatantly lost.

The moves are there.

I see your White starts to falter on move The Wikibook Chess Opening Theory has a gambkt on the topic of: We see White start a combination that culminates in the destruction of the Black King’s safety.

Marshall vs W Napier.